JBL Horizon Clock wakes you gently with ambient light and music

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Very few of us out there enjoy the morning wake up for work and there's nothing worse to get you off to a bad start than an annoying alarm clock with its annoying sound and pressing snooze only to be annoyed again. Well, JBL are looking to make those morning wake up calls a little less of an annoyance with the Horizon Clock, an alarm clock that wakes you as you desire using music and ambient lighting.

JBL_Horizon_Nightlight_Lifestyle_Image2[Image Source: JBL]

The website says that it's supposed to “light up your mornings (literally!) with JBL stereo sound and ambient light and start your day by charging your phone, tablet, or wearable devices.”

A lot of people just use their mobile devices these days and there is a massive range of various alarm apps to suit your needs. So, what makes JBL think that consumers are going to fork out $100 on a new alarm clock.

The device, much like smartphones, lets you use a range of various sounds and buzzers and also the music on your personal device (streamed over Bluetooth) to stir you in the morning. Nothing new there. It also lets you assign two different alarms, one for you and one for your partner. Something not really necessarily shared with smartphones as you will probably each have your own device.

But, what it can offer is an ambient and warm light to assist the stereo sound in waking you up. During the winter especially, mornings can be very dark and the temptation to just hide under the sheets can often be too much. A nice warm glow, almost mimicking the sunrise, offers a much more pleasant way to start your day.

The LCD clock display features a light sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness so that's its always easy to read, but not too bright and uncomfortable on the eyes. Not to mention the clock design itself is pretty cool and would sit nicely next to your bed.

A nifty little features of the device is the USB ports on the side so that you can charge your devices easily; saves you having to reach down awkward nooks and crannies to plug in your adapter. And the last trick up its sleeve is that it also has a built in battery, such that if the power goes out whilst you're sleeping, your devices will still charge and the alarm will still wake you up on time.

They come in either black or white at the price of $100 and you can get yours today.



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