Jeff Bezos Will Soon Bring Us a 10,000 Year Clock Inside a Mountain

And it stands...
Loukia Papadopoulos

Back in 2018, we brought you the news that Amazon's Jeff Bezos was building a giant 10,000-year clock inside a mountain in West Texas. Once completed, the clock will stand 500 feet (152 meters) tall and will be powered by the Earth's thermal cycles.

Obviously, the clock has been under construction for a while now. But we thought we would share the news again as a lot of people seem unaware of it or have simply forgotten it. It should be noted that the clock, called the Clock of the Long, is actually the idea of computer scientist and entrepreneur, Danny Hillis, who first conceived of the idea back in 1986. 

So what will this clock do? Not much, actually. The clock is designed to tick just once a year and chime once per millennium. 

That seems like a lot of work for so little activity but the clock has an important purpose.

“Why would anyone build a Clock inside a mountain with the hope that it will ring for 10,000 years?” the clock's official website asks.

“Part of the answer: just so people will ask this question, and having asked it, prompt themselves to conjure with notions of generations and millennia. If you have a Clock ticking for 10,000 years what kinds of generational-scale questions and projects will it suggest? If a Clock can keep going for ten millennia, shouldn’t we make sure our civilization does as well?

The giant clock is set to house five ‘room-sized anniversary chambers’ for the 1 year, 10 year, 100 year, 1,000 year, and 10,000 year anniversaries of the clock’s completion. The one-year anniversary chamber will hold a mock-up of the planets and the Earth's moon while the rest of the anniversary chambers will be left for future generations to create. 

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