JP Morgan to pilot payment services using palm or face recognition in the US

Following this trial, the bank will offer this service to its larger base of US merchant clients.
Mrigakshi Dixit
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Representational image


JP Morgan has announced plans to pilot biometric-based payments at select US retailers. It is one of the world's largest payment-processing companies.

This development comes at a time when biometric authentication is gaining popularity. Biometric tools are thought to be the most secure method of transaction authentication. According to Goode Intelligence, global biometric payments are expected to reach $5.8 trillion by 2026, with up to three billion users. 

Pilot program roll-out

The bank announced the pilot program on Thursday, March 23. The program entails using palm and face recognition to approve in-store transactions. The process is simple: enroll, capture, authenticate, and pay. Users must complete a brief enrolment process in-store before they can pay for their purchases by scanning their palms or face.

Initially, JP Morgan will try it out at selected brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. A test run at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is also possible. If everything goes as planned, a larger roll-out in the coming year is possible.

According to the bank, biometrics-based authentication aims to meet customer expectations while maintaining security. Payment checkout experiences will be phone-free, private, secure, fast, and simple. This payment method will also help in maintaining customer loyalty.

"At its heart, biometrics-based payments empowers our merchant clients to deliver a better customer payment experience. We are a trusted payments provider and financial institution worldwide, and fully equipped to manage the highly secure identification points that power biometrics solutions. The evolution of consumer technology has created new expectations for shoppers, and merchants need to be ready to adapt to these new expectations," said Jean-Marc Thienpont, head of the omnichannel solutions at JP Morgan Payments, in a press release.