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Keecker is described by its designers as the first HomePod in the world that will transform your home and allow your imagination to become a reality. The designers say that the system can take your house to the very next level as any wall can become a TV screen and any room can be turned into a concert hall, where you and your family can all share magical moments. However, how many families will be able to afford the robotic entertainment butler with the price tag being planned in the region of $3,000 to $4,000 is debatable.

art.0[Image Source: Keecker]

Keecker comes with a bright and smart projector which means that you can show a movie on any wall of the home, show off fun images, slideshows of your holidays or project artwork. Music can be sent around the home along with the option of creating an immersive experience; for example, you could wake up in the morning to Pavarotti with a view of Tuscany projected onto the wall at the side of the bed. Keecker also turns any wall into a computer screen where you can browse the internet, play games and host meetings.

It also works as a home security device and you can check in to see your home from wherever you are in the world. The on-board camera has a 360 degree panoramic view and you will be able to guide the Keecker system around your home, as in the video below:

videogame.0[Image Source: Keecker]

It has power from the same quad core mobile processors that are found in the smartphones of today and it runs on an Android 4.3 based operating system. This means that the system can run any app that you are able to download from the PlayStore. They hope that developers will make use of the SDK and API to design native apps for the home so as to be able to take full advantage of the hardware of Keecker.

The prototype it a great deal of fun and can already perform numerous clever tricks. However, Keecker is fine on hard surfaces when it is moving around the home but it does struggle on carpet or if it has to cross a ledge. There's already strong public backing for Keeker, evident the company's campaign on Kickstarter more than doubling the target of $100,000 bringing in a total $260,500.




ac64d1a3cd7ec27266870ecee46609ba_large[Image Source: Keecker]

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