KFC's Beyond Meat Plant-Based Fried Chicken Just Sold-out in Just Five Hours

The ones who tried it seemed to fully enjoy the fried chicken.
Donovan Alexander

It has been a peculiar week for fried chicken this past week in the United States. Beloved fried chicken chain Popeyes unveiled a new chicken sandwich that was met with pandemonium from its customers.

Global fried chicken giant, KFC, unveiled that it would be selling plant-based chicken to residents in Atlanta, as a means to test this new meatless but allegedly delicious new dish. So what happened when KFC started selling their new chicken on August 27th?


Similar to their Lousiana cousins at Popeyes, their new substitute sold out in a matter of hours. It seems the world is ready for plant-based meatless meals.

Meatless fried chicken for a lucky few

Right now, fried chicken is being met with the same hype associated with a new tech product. Pictures from the KFC Beyond Fried Chicken Test reveal lines of people excitedly waiting for the new concoction, very literally wrapping around one of Atlanta's KFCs. 

For the uninitiated, plant-based meat substitutes are slowly taking the world by storm, garnering equal attention from food chains, grocery stores, and customers.

One of the leaders in this field is the company, Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat produces everything from fried chicken to burgers, which are all plant-based.

The end goal is to help better the environment, improve human health and animal welfare, and even address global resource constraints. Their partnership with KFC is just one example of that. 

Now, of course, people who enjoy meat are skeptical of any plant-based substitute. This even caused Beyond Meat to pull their meatless chicken from grocery stores earlier in 2019. However, this new partnership with KFC could change people's perception for the better, for two reasons. 

We could have meatless fried chicken for all 

First and foremost, the partnership and success of the test further solidified the idea that people are hungry for a delicious plant-based alternative. Second, tasters of Beyond Meat's Fried Chicken have gone on to say that it is almost indistinguishable from the fried chicken that people know and love at KFC. 

So, what is next for KFC and Beyond Meat? It has been hinted that if things go well with the test, the companies will try their luck with a larger test - something that will eventually lead to a potential full-on rollout. 

It is a good week, for you fried chicken lovers out there!

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