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Kickr, Inc. is a startup company from the Greater Chicago Area introducing a new way to experience electric longboarding. Their invention, dubbed "Kickr," exploits a patent-pending drivetrain mounting method that makes it possible to electrify virtually any longboard/skateboard. In doing so, they made a system that will do the kicking for you well up to 20mph, for 6+ miles, and with a power-to-weight ratio comparable to entry-level sport motorcycles.

Media5[Image Source: Kickr]

#NoKicking or kicking, it's the rider’s choice.
On their Kickstarter page, Kickr claims their invention to be "the most innovative way to enjoy the thrill of speed on a longboard... it will do some extreme kicking for you, on-demand." Kickr's goal was to maintain rider's freedom in choosing the core building blocks they prefer, which is fundamental to the quality and handling of the riding experience.

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Kickr, Inc. also claims that "many riders would love the excitement of electrification but would sometimes prefer the option of skating without the added bulk and cost of a built-in electric drivetrain." Kickr ($399) is probably the most accessible and practical electric longboard offering yet; competitor’s complete e-board offerings range from $600 to $1500 with much less flexibility.

KickrWithManyWheels[Image Source: Kickr]

In short, Kickr will add less than 5 pounds to a longboard with one small sacrifice: removing a wheel nut. If you thought that Kickr couldn’t be any more flexible, it turns out that if a rider wants to do some conventional downhill riding without the extra weight of the drivetrain, he can always remove Kickr in less than a minute and put it in a backpack.

Kickr can be obtained from their Kickstarter campaign starting today. The plethora of riders who already own a $150-300 longboard might have to postpone their next game console purchase.


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