Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper

Silicone wiper blades can make a big difference, with many additional benefits.
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Created: 4/2/2021

Car safety is not all about airbags, breaks, or the body of your car. Driving safe depends a lot on your vision of the road that is ahead of you. This automatically means you should always have a clear view through your windshield while behind the wheel. 

Wiper blades hold crucial importance when it comes to what you see through your windshield. Under rain, dirt, snow, or any other condition, your windshields have to get clean as soon as possible while you drive. And as we know, the weather can change in no time at all. 

The good news is, Kimblade, which is behind the world's first rectangular wipers, has developed a wiper that did not require replacement. The third-generation Kimblade now offers perfect solutions from the windshield to wipers.

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Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper
Source: Kimblade/Kickstarter

Nanotech has produced Kimblade to make sure your windshield always gets clean as fast as it can with maximum efficiency. What makes Kimblade different from others is its core material, silicone, instead of your everyday rubber wiper blades. 

Why silicone? 

Silicone offers a lot more durability compared to rubber or plastic, especially under high temperatures or drastic changes in the temperature. Silicone endures strong sunlight, freezing weather, and ultraviolet rays, whereas rubber easily gets deformed and eroded under the same conditions. 

Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper
Source: Kimblade/Kickstarter

The special formula of Kimblade's wiper blade

Silicone is not the only component of Kimblade's formula. Carbon nanotube, applied to the silicone of Kimblade, is a next-generation material that has a tube-shaped atomic arrangement and has high strength, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity. 

Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper
Source: Kimblade/Kickstarter

Just like the reinforcing bars in concrete, CNT is added to silicone as a reinforcing material, which makes CNT-silicone a composite material that improves the durability and increases the mechanical strength of the wiper blade, as well as maintaining elasticity. This is why Kimblade is both strong and flexible. 

Applying water repellency to your windshield

Thanks to the water repellent substances it contains, Kimblade transfers water-repellent coating from the wiper squeegee to the windshield. Even if your wipers are not working, you can simply remove dust and wipe off the water from the windshield, turn on the wipers and operate for three minutes. 

Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper
Source: Kimblade/Kickstarter

With this technique, the water-repellent coating will be applied to your windshield sufficiently. Then, your windshield will repel the water thanks to the coating it has got from Kimblade wiper blades. 

Therefore, Kimblade not only provides you with wipers but also protects your windshield from any dirt and corrosion when you use it regularly. The surface of your windshield is equally important when it comes to the wiper blade operating efficiency, and Kimblade is built to protect your windshield as well as cleaning it. 

Structured for maximum efficiency

Kimblade has a rectangular blade that offers enhanced cleaning and wiping performance. The surface area of the blade contacts the windshield through a single point, concentrating on the cleaning force instead of the dispersed force of rubber's surface contact. 

This is thanks to the rectangular-shaped blade that disperses the force of the whole material. This design also helps Kimblade to easily change direction without any disruption in cleaning, contrary to rubber. 

Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper
Source: Kimblade/Kickstarter

The multiple claws on the blade are there to assure an average pressure on each point of the wiper. Another feature to improve the balance of the pressure is the flexible SK5 Carbon steel that maintains an even pressure after long-time use. 

An eco-friendly option

It's not only your car that you will be doing a favor with Kimblade since it has many eco-friendly aspects. Kimblade wiper frame does not need to be replaced, unlike the other wiper blades.

In case if it gets damaged (e.g. accidentally torn by sharp material etc.), replacing only the blade will be enough. Since the blade inserts are made from 100 percent silicone, they can easily be switched out and recycled, producing no harmful waste for the environment. 

Your windshield will show the difference

And it will not only show but it will tell the difference too since you will not be hearing all the squeaking you used to hear while your wipers were on. Kimblade guarantees that the vibrations and blurring you experience with your regular wiper blades will be a thing of the past.

Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper
Source: Kimblade/Kickstarter

Kimblade is designed with the angle between the wiper arm and glass in mind, which differs from one vehicle to another. When the silicone material in the upper part of the blade or the moving part is in contact with glass, high friction is generated, causing vibration and noise.

The flexible design of Kimblade accommodates the need to reduce noise and vibration and makes it compatible with a variety of vehicles.

Kimblade Nano Cleaner & Treatment

Cleaning your windshield is equally important as having the right wiper blades. Therefore, Nanotech also introduces Kimblade Nano Cleaner & Treatment, which is specifically made for car windshields.

Nano Cleaner includes ceramic, which helps to remove contaminants from the tiniest cracks in the glass that are not visible to the human eye. The graphene in the Nano Treatment makes the glass more transparent and coats fine cracks from which contaminants are removed. 

Kimblade Revolutionizes The Average Windshield Wiper
Source: Kimblade/Kickstarter

In case of any tough tars, grease stains, and excessive or unwanted waxes on the windshield, Nano Cleaner is designed to get the job done. 

Kimblade Nano Cleaner & Treatment are included in the bundle with Kimblade wiper blades. When used together, the bundle helps you to maintain the water-repellent coating and provides professional care, so you don't have to worry about the maintenance of your wiper anymore. 

Kimblade is on Kickstarter

By clicking here, you can support Kimblade right now and buy either the bundle, wiper blade, or cleaners on special offers. 

Since 2018, Kimblade has been completing global crowdfunding projects through Kickstarter. The company highly regards the feedback from supporters while developing each one of their new products. Kimblade applies solutions to general wiper blade problems, the latest example being their use of CTN in wiper blades to improve the strength of the wipers,
 developing an oil-film remover, and water-repellent coating substance. Nanotech verifies the quality of its products by the amount of funding it has received from people around the world so far.  

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