Kingston Builds Final Motorcycle of Art Deco BMW Trilogy, 'Good Ghost'

Kingston Custom finished its third and final art-deco BMW motorcycle, called the 'Good Ghost.'
Brad Bergan

The renowned custom motorcycle builder Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom has completed building his two-wheeled trilogy of reiminagined motorcycles — with the third and final installment, called "Good Ghost," according to a blog post on its website.


Kingston Good Ghost Front
Good Ghost's front fairing extends beyond handmade clip-ons. Source: Kingston Custom

Kingston brings art deco BMW trilogy full circle

This comes four years after Oehlerking debuted the first of the trilogy — "White Phantom" — later followed up with the BMW-based and art deco-inspired "Black Phantom."

Kingston Good Ghost Side
The Good Ghost was commissioned by Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas. Source: Kingston Custom

The latest motorcycle — Good Ghost — received its commission from the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas. The project kicked off as a 1980 BMW R100 RS, but was later treated with several BMW parts from the rich collection of components Oehlerking has gathered through the years.

Kingston Good Ghost Quad Analog
The Good Ghost sports a quad analog instrument display. Source: Kingston Custom

In contrast to the other two bikes, the Good Ghost's bodywork takes an old-school attitude to aesthetics, with its front fairing extended past the build's handmade clip-ons, in addition to a single-piece brown leather and suede saddle lining the top of the bike — with a stacked quad analog instrument display beneath the top triple, reports HiConsumption.

Kingston Good Ghost Mess Kit
The rear wheel covers open to reveal a tool and mess kit. Source: Kingston Custom

'Good Ghost' spares no expense for luxury motoring

As a whole, the bike is on a hinge, capable of folding up to reveal storage space, in addition to containing a tool and mess kit inside the rear wheel covers.

Kingston Good Ghost Throttle
The Good Ghost's aesthetic practically screams old-school. Source: Kingston Custom

The front of the bike features a BMW 2002-style kidney grill, and the back sports a long pair of horizontal exhaust pipes that meet at a slashed point in the back.

As the auto-manufacturing industry increasingly adapts to the rise of all-electric vehicles, we should expect to see not only fresh retro-futuristic takes on old classics like the Ford Mustang, but also imaginative concepts showing up in the form of motorcycles like Kingston Custom's art-deco BMW trilogy.

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