LAPD to Start Using Cord-Throwing Device That Wraps Itself around Suspects

The device, similar to a superhero gadget, is intended to help push away the use of tasers or handguns.
Fabienne Lang
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There's a new device on the L.A. block, and it's called the BolaWrap 100. Made by Wrap Technologies it's intended to be used as an alternative to handguns and tasers by the police force, and other security candidates.

It's worthy enough to join any superhero's utility belt. All you have to do is point and shoot and a Kevlar cord launches itself out of the device and immediately wraps itself around the suspect.

That said, proper training still needs to happen before the device is handed out, and the LAPD is training hundreds of its officers to do so.


The BolaWrap 100

Created by Las Vegas-based Wrap Technologies, the Bola Wrap 100 emits the same sound as a gun when it's fired, however, the outcome is very different and much less drastic.

The LAPD is ready to take on a change and has said that it will start training officers on how to use the device properly for 90 days as of January 2020.

Deputy Chief of the LAPD, Martin Baeza told the Los Angeles Times that they "are very excited to be piloting the BolaWrap," to determine if "it meets the needs and standards that the LAPD is looking for."

It must be pointed out that the BolaWrap would not be used in instances when police forces encounter suspects with firearms. Rather, it would be used in moments when knives or other tools are used.

This is a clear demonstration of a desire to move away from lethal tools in policing, an issue that's been repeatedly mentioned in the news over the past years.

LAPD to Start Using Cord-Throwing Device That Wraps Itself around Suspects
The BolaWrap 100 device, Source: Wrap Technologies

The only real threat the BolaWrap presents is if the suspect falls once wrapped and hurts themselves, or if they struggle within the cord as it has very small barbs.

The barbs "create a very small puncture" when the tether wraps itself around the suspect and could only cause pain if they try and wriggle out of it.

COO of Wrap Technologies, Mike Rothans, made it clear that "This is a restraint device. This is meant to put time and distance between the officer."

Former LAPD captain, Bell Police Chief Carlos Islas, told the Los Angeles Times that "If you deploy a wrap tool, it buys time for officers to deploy a secondary option. It will inevitably restrain someone. It’s a tool that’s been a long time coming."

By restraining suspects quickly the BolaWrap device buys police officers time, allows them to gain control of a situation without anyone being seriously injured. It works as a close-proximity tool, and could indeed be an option for police forces in the U.S. if the training goes to plan.


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