These Leaked Videos Potentially Show Factory Employees Working on the New iPhone 8

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New videos posted on Chinese social media site, Weibo, show Foxconn workers cleaning up and inspecting the rear shells of what could be Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone, the iPhone 8.

These Leaked Videos Potentially Show Factory Employees Working on the New iPhone 8

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The anniversary phone is being dubbed iPhone 8, but very few details are known. The phone will be one of three phones to be released by Apple this year. The other two are the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. The videos only show the rear of the phones which will reportedly stay the same as existing iPhone models. The front of the phone will host all the new changes, including a 5.8inch screen. One noticeable difference that has been predicted for the rear of the smartphone is the dual camera setup. The cameras will change to a vertically aligned position from the horizontal one of the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone factory has notoriously tight security

No one will verify if these are the new Apple phones or not, but regardless, the videos are interesting for a bunch of other reasons. First, an inside view into the Foxconn factory is incredibly rare. Security on the factory is notoriously tight. According to a research by the Guardian, employees can’t access the factory or even sections of the factory without swiping their ID cards. Delivery drivers are fingerprinted and a photojournalist was once dragged from their car and beaten after attempting to take photographs.  

The warning signs outside the factory read "This factory area is legally established with state approval.Unauthorized trespassing is prohibited. Offenders will be sent to police for prosecution!" Setting a tone for what might happen if anyone dares to breach security. 

Foxconn and Apple have faced heavy criticism in the past for mistreatment of its employees. The conditions have reportedly been so bad that workers have attempted suicide by jumping off the roof of the factory. In 2010 it was confirmed there were more than 20 suicide attempts at the factory's main location, Longhua. Conditions have reportedly improved but the assembly of devices like iPhones and tablets require huge amounts of manual labor that require thousands of workers.    

New color of phone revealed by tech insider

The videos haven’t been the only leak of the new iPhone. The color options have been revealed thanks to tech insider Benjamin Geskin.

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As well as the monochrome black and white editions of the new iPhone, it seems there will be a new color called Blush Gold. The popular rose gold is out in order to make room for this new darker, more coppery colored phone. The official iPhone announcement is expected to happen in September.  

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