No VR or AR: A new pocket-size eyeglass will be just big screen experience in your eyes

You need to wait till 2023 to get them though.
Ameya Paleja
Lenovo Glasses T1 Wearable Display
Lenovo Glasses T1 Wearable Display


Lenovo has unveiled its T1 Glasses at its Tech Life 2022 event and promises to place a full HD video-watching experience right inside your pockets, a company press release stated.

Mobile computing devices have exploded in the past few years as gaming has become more intense, and various video streaming platforms have gathered steam. The computing power of smartphones and tablets has increased manifold. Whether you want to ambush other people in an online shooting game or sit back and watch a documentary in high-definition, a device in your pocket can help you do that with ease.

However, what is missing is the large screen experience; with the T1 Glasses, Lenovo wants to deliver just that.

Lenovo's T1 Glasses

The past year may have been about the metaverse and virtual reality, but Lenovo's strategy seems to be grounded in what the users need today. With most users dumping their large-screen desktops in favor of light-yet-powerful smartphones, Lenovo wants to pack the large-screen experience in a lightweight package too.

The T1 Glasses can fit in your pocket. Still, when you put them on, they will deliver superb image quality with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Lenovo is using microLED screens to provide a resolution of 1920 X 1080 in each eye, or put a full HD display.

The company isn't even trying to make these compatible with virtual or augmented reality in any way. Instead, the display will completely obscure your vision to give you a wholly immersive experience, something that you would expect in a movie theatre.

The T1 Glasses work with any device that uses the full functions of USB-C. So, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or even a desktop, if you want to take your viewing experience private, just connect the T1 Glasses.

Not just for fun

Lenovo has also paid attention to changes in work routines. With many people working from outside the office, Lenovo's glasses can also serve as a private workspace when working from a public cafe during a "workation". So, if you need to quickly access a confidential document, you can put your T1s on and scroll away without fear of snooping.

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To ensure that the overall power consumption remains low and the batteries do not die on you quickly, Lenovo's glasses stay tethered to your device rather than going wire-free.

While this might be a small sacrifice for most users, Apple users will have to jump a few hoops to get this done. Since Apple has so far refused to let go of its Lightning port, Apple users will need the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and then purchase the HDMI to Glasses Adapter from Lenovo to connect their iOS devices with Lightning ports to the glasses.

The audio on the T1 Glasses is delivered through the built-in speakers and has been certified to have "low blue light" and "reduced flicker". T1 Glasses will be available in China as Lenovo Yoga glasses later this year, while other "select markets" will see them in 2023. The company said in its press release that pricing will be revealed closer to availability.

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