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Most coding toys start for kids aged 8 and up. There's finally a kid-friendly and entertaining way to teach the youngest of children programming.

Plobot is a cute robot toy designed for kids ages 4+ to let them create their own golem and give it a soul by cards instead of messy syntax and computer screens. It has designed to let kids learn about physical coding, algorithms, conditionals, loops, by a compatible and re-designable robot toy, that is also easily matched with Duplo bricks as well.

Former Google engineer Sean Purser-Haskell and NYU robotics professor Rudi Cossovich developed Plobot, knowing the allure games have on young children. The educational robot lets kids explore coding systems through physical play. Plobot has simple tools but allows kids to play in limitless fields by using command cards to program conditionals, algorithms, loops, and more

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"Plobot started from the idea that kids learn best from physical play. With Plobot, we wanted to answer a crucial question: how do we get kids excited to learn about something as abstract as programming? We aimed to create a fun, effortless introduction to coding that promotes productive playtime away from computer screens. That led to Plobot - a happy little robot that can move, sing, dance, and entertain with a few simple commands."

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Command cards

Each command cards represents a block of code and remains at the core of the interaction Plobot adventure. By tapping or swiping them on Plobot’s head to chain together, kids creating a ‘program’ that the robot follows in order.

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According to designers, there are two different types of cards: Motion cards and function cards. The base set lays the building blocks for establishing Plobot, while the expansion sets allow the robot to grow with your child’s imagination, and creating numerous combinations.

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Modifiers change the reaction of Command Cards, and Sensor cards tell Plobot to wait until it 'feels' an object to carry out the next action. These cards act like conditionals in a programming language. Thus, Plobot involves your child to shape the future and become a creator of technology, not just a user.

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The device is made of easily washable plastic. The expansion sets come with stickers to make every robot unique. Kids can even turn it into their own personal spaceship!

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"Computational thinking is something most of us use every day to solve all kinds of problems, without even realizing it. It’s all about breaking down complex tasks into a logical sequence of steps to reach an objective. Plobot teaches kids that there are no right and wrong answers when learning code; by breaking down each task into a sequence of steps, they exercise problem-solving and creative thinking abilities, while picking up core coding concepts."

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If you like to get further technical information, check their KickstarterFacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

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