New App Lets Your Kids Become Astronauts

The Cosmolander lets kids become the astronauts they've always wanted to be. The app has nine unique space missions and a fun interface.
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For just $3, your child can have the entire universe at her fingertips with Cosmolander.

The Cosmolander app, available on Android and iPhone, can inspire the young and the young-at-heart, as well as educate users on our solar system.

Cosmolander, the latest educational application of the Marshmallow Games, focuses on didactic and lively games for children. You can learn or teach your children about curious details about planets and stars with a 'friendly' cartoonish interface.

The Cosmolander calls users to complete secret missions, study astronomy and take interstellar trips.

Source: Marshmallow/Youtube

The app is designed for children ages 6 and older. It's also a great option for adults needing a refresher course on astronomy (especially given international commitments on moving humanity to Mars). Plus, it's advertising free!

Source: Marshmallow/Youtube

The app gives you many scientific details and information: the distance between planets, earth, and the sun, their conditions, structure, size, climate, satellites, and specifics. Besides, the Cosmolander has nine unique missions to complete and test yourself.

Source: Marshmallow/Youtube

For Apple users, the Cosmolander is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later. It also fits to Apple TV as well. For Android users, it requires 2.3 or newer.

Source: Marshmallow/Youtube

The company claims that they are helping to learn while having fun;
"Marshmallow Games is a company that creates educational apps for children. Our educational apps have been created by a team of professionals and experts that produce innovative educational content for studying various subjects. We have hundreds of little testers always ready to check our games so we can provide fun from a child's perspective. We think that learning while having fun is the best way to learn. That is why our games are conceived to stimulate creativity and a fun way to learn school subjects in preschool age. We care about our children's happiness!"

Source: Marshmallow/Youtube

You can easily install the app and begin your experimental journey as the astronaut you always wanted to be.

Source: Marshmallow/Youtube

The Marshmallow Games is also developing applications for math for different age groups that you can see on their website, iTunes and Google Play as well.