Leveraging AI to Help People with Disabilities Use the Web: accessiBe

Web accessibility platforms such as accessiBe, leverage artificial intelligence to enable site owners to instantly address accessibility issues.
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Created: 2/17/2020
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Despite the developments in connectivity, such as faster and cheaper internet and affordable devices, people with disabilities still struggle to enjoy the web. Websites have poor accessibility, and web content isn’t readily consumable through assistive devices. Less than 10 percent of sites comply with accessibility guidelines, meaning that a vast majority of websites may be inaccessible to around one billion people who live with some form of disability.

To address this, laws such as the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) compel businesses to make their services available to everyone. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has also established a set of accessibility standards called the Web Content Guidelines (WCAG) that help site owners ensure that their websites are compatible with assistive devices.

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