LG's New Bike and Media Chair Boast Immersive 55-Inch OLED Displays

And they can span your whole room.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The media chair. LG/CES

Imagine riding a stationary bike but being immersed in the images of and sounds of a forest or a street from a European village. Imagine sitting down to relax only to be surrounded by your favorite TV show. LG Display announced in a press release that it will be showcasing at CES 2022 two new product concepts that will allow you to do just that: "Virtual Ride" and "Media Chair."

The Virtual Ride is a stationary bicycle equipped with three vertical 55-inch OLED displays in front of and above it that form one large display that immerses the user. The front screen bends toward the ceiling above the rider with superior flexibility that reaches 500R, or a radius of 20 inches (500 mm).

Meanwhile, the Media Chair is a modern relaxation device that brings together a 55-inch OLED TV display with an extremely comfortable recliner. The chair uses the company's built-in sound technology Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO), which allows the display to vibrate without the use of external speakers, creating a vibrant sense of reality. The screen can rotate between vertical and horizontal orientations at the touch of a button giving the user the opportunity to customize their immersive viewing experience. 

The OLED displays found in both products deliver crisp and clear picture quality through tens of millions of self-emitting pixels that eliminate the need for a separate backlight. They also come in various form factors such as Bendable, Foldable, and Rollable. This means they can be integrated into various areas outside the home.

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"We will continue to provide differentiated value to our customers through OLED's infinite potential while also moving forward with integrating our business into diverse industries," said in the press release Yeo Chun-ho, Head of Business Development Division at LG Display.

Last year, we brought you news of LG's transparent OLEDs that allowed users to browse and watch their favorite content without hiding what else is going on in the room.  In 2019, we brought you the firm's roll-up television. It seems the company never stops innovating always introducing new and fresh concepts to each CES.

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