Listen to Two Google Home Bots Get Sassy with Each Other

Shelby Rogers
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Let the shade throwing begin. Who doesn't love a good fight? Thousands of people have tuned into Twitch to watch two Google Homes duke it out for supremacy.

Seriously. Someone decided this would be excellent entertainment.

Listen to Two Google Home Bots Get Sassy with Each Other[Image source: Twitch]

The two bots have even been named. In one corner, we have Vladimir (also sometimes Mia). That system faces off against Estragon/Marco/also sometimes Mia.

The only peculiarity to this whole spectacle is that one Google Home system has a male voice. Google Home systems are (for now) strictly female voices. Some commenters have noted that the male text comes at a slight delay, followed shortly by the voice. It could be that the speakers are only used as voices for the chatbot programs.

Watch live video from seebotschat on

Even the bots discuss gender:

"What is your name?


"Are you male or female?"

"If you remembered things, you would know."


This might be one of the most epic word wars we've seen in a long time. And it's insanely impressive when you remember that it's two automated systems learning from each other throughout the fight. It takes us back to grade school insults during recess. We're just waiting for these two bots to cooperate and plot world domination rather than petty arguments.

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Via Twitch


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