Lithuanians Swap Old Cars for E-Bikes, E-Scooters in New Trade Program

The program has proven popular since its inception in May.
Fabienne Lang

Trading in your old gas-guzzling car for a brand new shiny e-scooter, e-bike, regular bicycle, electric moped, motorcycle, or public transport tickets helps promote sustainability and a good conscience. 

Lithuanians are doing just that. Thanks to the country's Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA) new initiative, residents have been exchanging their old cars for one of the above alternatives.

The grants per person go up to nearly $1,200, and so far 8,518 people have applied, per local news reporter LRT.


Program doing better than expected

"The initiative received a lot of attention from the population. The number of applications exceeded all expectations. For this reason, the Environment Ministry has allocated additional 3 million euros from the Climate Change Programme," Austėja Jonaitytė, a spokesperson for the APVA, said.

Per LRT, the AVPA had already spent 95% of its eight million euro ($9.3 million) budget by October and has asked for an additional three million (roughly $3.48 million) to its original five million euro ($5.8 million) plan

So far, the majority of the funds have been claimed for e-scooters and regular bicycles, followed by e-bikes, e-mopeds or motorcycles, and finally public transport tickets. 

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For many Lithuanians who owned older cars that aren't even worth $1,200, this scheme is fantastic. And that amount of money can go a decent way when buying an e-scooter, or e-bike. So you can understand those who are joining the scheme's enthusiasm.

Maybe we'll be seeing more and more Lithuanians joining events such as this new eSkootr Championship

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