Looking to Build Your Own Computer? Learn What Not to Do From These Hilarious Fails

Building computers is becoming a growing hobby for enthusiasts but like most DIY projects there are those who have failed.
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No longer reserved for just the computer savvy or even technically savvy, the process of building your own PC is a lot easier than you may think.

Over the years people have entered the world of DIY of personal computers for a variety of reasons. As a  growing and well-thriving community, the people of DIY PC community choose to build their own computer to create a low-cost high performing computer or for simply the thrill.

Even the beloved actor and comedian Terry Crew got evolved in building a computer.

Well before you get started you should be well aware of how to actually build a computer and one of the best ways to do that is to take time to appreciate as well as learn from the mistakes of the people who have come before you. As stated by Brandon Mull of Fablehaven, "Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.”

What You Should and What You Should Not Do

Research. Research. Research. This is the most important thing to do when considering building a computer. You can never do too much but you can definitely do too little.

Some of the biggest mistakes when constructing your computer can come down to being too lazy or overestimating your skills. 

One of the most time-consuming parts of PC-building is actually shopping for the parts. There are literally thousands of options out there and it takes a lot of time. To get to that conclusion you want to decide what exactly you want your computer to do as well as understand the basic anatomy of a computer. Do not be this guy. 

Are you looking to create a simple computer for fun and browsing the internet? Or maybe you need a dedicated work-horse computer for your home office? Perhaps you need something to knock out some competition online.

Finding the right balance of tool parts to use and understanding will make your life a lot easier and potentially even safer. 

An eager Sam Tweedlie had to learn the hard way that compressed air and fire do not really go well together. Sam almost set himself on fire while cleaning the computer he was trying to build, scorching both his arm and his beard. 

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Sam Tweedlie told PC Gamer "I was cleaning out my PC with compressed air, [and] what I hadn't noticed was the wife had lit a candle on the other side of the table in the hall. The compressed air was flammable and hit the candle and caught fire."

Looking to Build Your Own Computer? Learn What Not to Do From These Hilarious Fails
Source: PC Gamer/Sam Tweedlie
Looking to Build Your Own Computer? Learn What Not to Do From These Hilarious Fails
Source: PC Gamer/Sam Tweedlie

When shopping for a computer start with the CPU or the brain of the computer. 


You need to be able to consider things like the number of cores, the number of threads, the operating frequency, the clock speed, the cache, socket type and how you will go about cooling your computer. 

From there you will go about collecting the correct pieces for the memory or RAM, where data is stored while the processor is waiting to run the numbers on your computer.

With these as your foundation, you will go on to create the rest of the computer collecting parts like the video card, power supply, storage. Curious about what you need? Do your research! 

One of the biggest issue and common mistakes with people who own PCs is their lack of care, or making the small daily efforts to take care of their believed creations. This lack of care can be detrimental to your computer causing a wide range of damage, so more extreme than most. 


I see nothing wrong. Why does my PC not work anymore? #pcfail #pcrepair #cantbreathe

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In a more simple accident of negligence, Sarah Dunfey turned a computer into a "caffeinated computer." Describing her story in PC Gamer, "Rather expensive build with top fan and cold, three day old coffee—the partner accidentally knocked over the cup, it rolled across the deck and into the top of the machine... the smell was amazing."

Looking to Build Your Own Computer? Learn What Not to Do From These Hilarious Fails
Source: PC Gamer/Sarah Dunfey

In short, when creating a computer, make sure you do your research, know your computer anatomy, know your parts, take care of your computer and avoid any liquids or flames around your PC.

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