Lucid Dreaming Stimulator Lets You Enjoy Your Self-Created Adventures

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Would you like to control and enjoy your dreams just by a headband? Meet Aladdin, the lucid dreaming stimulator that let you go through the 'mystical doors' of dreams.

A lot of people might be familiar with moments when you know you're having a dream and can control anything you want. That's lucid dreaming. If you've never experienced this world, don't worry, a headband can help you enjoy your self-designed adventures.

Dreams have long held humanity's interest, as well as questions as to other animals' dreams (like what your dog dreams up). However, most people don't experience control of their subconscious.

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Many cultures and beliefs have found different ways to experience and recorded various exercises to create lucid dreams. But for the ones who would like to feel this enigmatic universe in an easier way, the Aladdin headband could give you that sensation whenever you choose.

How does it work?

The Aladdin uses EEG technology - electrophysiological monitoring method - to record the electrical activity of the brain. According to this data, the device determines your stage of sleep. It saves that data in the Aladdin app and lets you track your patterns. Furthermore, you can check how long you were in REM/Dream, deep or shallow sleep and how long it took to fall asleep.

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According to designers,

"Once Aladdin detects that you are in the REM cycle, which is the dreaming stage of sleep that your body experiences 4-6 times each night, Aladdin utilizes a proprietary algorithm to provide a gentle low-current electrical stimulation to the forehead. The area of the brain that resides behind the forehead is known as the prefrontal cortex, which, among other executive functions, controls reasoning. When we are awake, this area of our brain is always active, allowing us to utilize our reasoning skills."

aladdink[Image source: Kickstarter]

When the reasoning center of the brain is 'turned on' while a dream, we become aware the unusual nature of the dream and realize that actually we are dreaming. This zone allows you to take the control and do anything you want.

alaaddin5[Image source: Kickstarter]

The Aladdin contains three parts:

* An electrode strip,
* A microprocessor,
* And a comfortable headband to cover all.

alaaddin2[Image source: Kickstarter]

Both the gentle low current stimulation and EEG detection are delivered through an electrode strip, covered by a comfortable, soft and machine-washable headband. A microprocessor control unit connected to the electrode strip links the band with an app on your smartphone.

aladdin_6_vers3verticle[Image source: Kickstarter]

While the Aladdin system isn't the only lucid dream product on the market, it's certainly one of the least intrusive in terms of wear.

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