Mac Pro's $400 Dollar Wheels Don't Even Come with a Lock System

Your Mac Pro can roll around freely without your consent.
Fabienne Lang
A Mac Pro silently wheeling awayNeoNejd/Reddit

You may have recently become the proud owner of Apple's new Mac Pro. With that badge of honor comes the choice to have wheels instead of feet on your Mac Pro.

However cool that may sound for those of you who need a more mobile Mac Pro, it's just been disclosed that these wheels have no lock system. So, your Mac Pro may freely wheel away from you at any time. 


The wheels on the Mac Pro go round and round

It may not strike you as odd that the wheels have no locking system, but if you stop and consider that adding this design to your Mac Pro costs you an additional $400 — you may reconsider that thought. 

Without locking into place, these wheels could carry your Mac Pro swiftly off a table surface, or allow it to slide around freely under the desk by your feet. It's not the smartest design, one might say. 

This rather surprising piece of information was shared online by YouTuber Marques "MKBHD" Brownlee, who posted a short video on Twitter. In the video, watch and see the Mac Pro wheel away from Brownlee without stopping. It makes for some fun viewing, but not such a great discovery if you do in fact own a four-wheeled Mac Pro. 

The wheels on the new Mac Pro don't have locks. They cost 550$. from r/CrappyDesign

It has to be said that Apple's intentions were honorable, as it may indeed help to have an easily movable Mac Pro. However, it does appear that the invention may move around just a little too freely. If you propped it atop your desk, for instance, you'd have some trouble trying to maintain it in place.

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