Cormify leverages machine learning and 3D printing to make the best mouse for you

A lightweight, customized mouse delivering maximum comfort and peak performance that fits snugly into your palm and your palm alone.
Amal Jos Chacko
Illustrations of the Formify 3D printed mouse
Illustrations of the Formify 3D printed mouse


In this day and age, where we spend hours hunched over a computer, there is a case for everything being ergonomic.

Into this niche steps Formify, a team based out of Toronto with the belief that individualized design should be accessible to everyone.

In line with this ethos, the company has unveiled its latest offering through a Kickstarter campaign— a custom-tailored gaming-focused mouse for your hand.

And no, you do not have to get your hand scanned by complicated machinery. All you need is a simple photo of your palm.

Formify employs machine learning to analyze the size, shape, and contours of the customer’s hand from the photo submitted and creates a custom design that is best suited. This design is then brought to life by 3D printing resin layer by layer in an industrial-grade additive manufacturing process.

The use of Nylon HP PA 12 material and the Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) technique, capable of recycling up to 80 percent of unused powder, suggests the company is eager to commit to a sustainable manufacturing practice.

Cormify leverages machine learning and 3D printing to make the best mouse for you
An illustration of Formify's 3D printed mouse

And it’s not just the shape of the mouse that is customized. Customers can pick any texture of their choice to be added to their mouse along with their preferred mouse grip: claw and fingertip grips that are light in weight, suitable for gamers who rock fast and agile movements, and a palm grip designed for delicate gliding control.

Founded in 2020, Formify has come a long way, with its crew consisting of aerospace engineers and former Apple and Tesla employees, iterating and reformulating its design and working with E-Sports professionals Ahrora and Garfield in just a few years.

With an average weight of just 0.121 pounds (55 grams), a Pixar 3395 optical sensor capable of 650 IPS sensor tracking up to 26,000 DPI, and Kailh 8.0 clear switches, Formify assures low-latency peak performance.

Two optimally placed thumb buttons, actions of which can be programmed by the user, and USB-C recharging for the battery with an estimated life of over two weeks further enhance the experience.

Like most new companies, Formify has chosen to debut its product on Kickstarter. The mouse is currently available for an early bird price of approximately $140 U.S. (CA$ 189) and is slated to later increase to around $175 U.S. (CA$ 239).

The company aims to certify its product with the funds secured through crowdfunding to begin deliveries by December later this year.

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