Magic Leap's Optical Technology Creates Realistic Holograms

Trevor English

The age of fully integrable holograms may be coming upon us a lot soon than originally thought. One company called, Magic Leap, has been slowly releasing videos of their new optical graphics technology, and it is incredibly stunning to watch as it makes you feel as though your eyes are being tricked. Incredibly, the company has devised a way to create holograms in regular space, only through the use of a clear eyeglass that the user wears, much like glasses.  When you see the video of the demonstration below, keep in mind that there is no compositing or editing, rather it is raw footage of what a viewer would see through the Magic Leap lens.

So the next question of any curious person is "how in the world does it work?" Well, no one actually knows, and it has largely been kept a secret. Until recently, the company has operated in darkness, and a Wired profile gives only a slight hint to how the potentially game changing technology works. Summarized, it states that Magic Leap utilizes an optical system that gives the "illusion of depth" where objects will interact within their ranges of depth, respectively. In even shorter terms, its a lens that makes you see awesome holograms.

So, as someone with general knowledge of the current state of holographic technology, you are probably now asking why is it any different from Microsoft's Hololens VR or other like technologies. The answer to that again is largely, "no one knows." The company has declined to comment on any specifics according the Verge, so consumers are left watching on in literal awe and wonder.

The creators of the product speak in a lot of generalities, building this 'mystical aura' around the optical technology making you wonder if they have stumbled upon real magic, and they don't want anyone to know yet.

"It's like dreaming with your eyes open,"~ Sam Miller, director of systems engineering.

"It just... it feels so real," ~ Savannah Niles, interaction prototyper.

All very helpful comments that tell us exactly what is going on with the new technology. Imagine being able to integrate this VR into your every day office and work life as detailed in the video. This may soon be what the future of your workday looks like, seamlessly interacting with 3D holograms like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Magic leap hologram[Image Source: Magic Leap]

While this product is shrouded in mystery, Microsoft's Hololens actually has a launch date, developer kits, and an operating system, meaning that Magic Leap is far behind in the VR market. While they have some catching up to do, their video posted just yesterday has over 300K views on Youtube already, and people are freaking out about the technology. The mystery around the product may in fact be a genius marketing move by the company, only time will tell.