Magic 'Naked' Mirror Tracks your Fitness and Body Weight

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The age of the wearables has brought us endless fitness trackers that all do sort of the same thing. One thing that current weight loss and fitness apps don't show the user is their physical progress, not to mention that logging things like weight and height can be time consuming and possibly confusing. Finding the motivation to keep working out can be hard when you don't see the results in front of you, but one smart mirror is hoping to change that. The Naked fitness mirror not only tracks all of your fitness measurements, but it sinks up with an app that will visually demonstrate where you have lost weight, giving you more motivation to keep going.

Mirrors can often provide a distorted image to many about their body, and Naked is hoping to change that aspect of our lives as well, according to Mashable. The mirror uses Intel depth sensors coupled with a small turntable to give you a full body scan in under 20 seconds! From this scan the app will determine your progress, and even give you specific areas on you that are gaining muscle or gaining fat. You can say goodbye to the struggle of not knowing what to work out next time you hit the gym.

This mirror isn't only marketed to those trying to lose weight, but it can also be used for intensive training to track everything you would ever need. Are you trying to slim down for the summer months? Instead of trying to rely on your memory and what the scale tells you, Naked will tell you exactly what you're doing right, or maybe wrong.

goal tracking bathroom mirror naked [Image Source: Naked]

One aspect of this technology that you may not have thought of at first is its ability to track pregnancies more accurately than any other technology out there. The app and the mirror are incredibly simple and intuitive to use, and the device goes on pre-sale this week for US$499. While you may think this sounds expensive at first, keep in mind how much you have spent on all your other fitness tracking gear like a Fitbit, scales, and other apps over the years. Naked integrates every tracking capability you could ever need into one simple magic mirror.

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Naked also sees another outlet to this technology, shopping for clothes! Taking a 3D scan could enable the software to recommend certain fits from different brands or even project the clothes size you will need in a few months based on your current weight loss progress.

GOAL TRACKING MIRROR [Image Source: Naked]

This mirror sounds like an incredible asset to anyone that wants to become more fitness focused, or just improve their already hard-working routine. There is one catch the Naked Mirror, it doesn't ship until March 2017, but you can still work on losing that weight until it arrives. 3D body scanning is likely to become the next big thing in the fitness and personal training industry due to its accuracy and ability to pinpoint certain spots on the body.

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