Make Someone Say Whatever you Want with New Video Technology

Trevor English

Have you ever dreamed of being able to control someone's face and make them say whatever you want in front of everyone? That is now possible with a new facial tracking and reenactment software that allows you to take full control over someone else's facial movements through some simple video editing. By taking a target video and a live actor, the output can be altered in real time based upon how the actor's face is moving. The video below shows off this insane new ability and it will make you question what is real anymore.

Essentially, they have developed an algorithm that tracks the faces of both the input actor and input target and then compiles the input onto the output in real time. Most of the demonstrations in the video picture the actors forcing world leaders to make insanely silly facial expressions.

While this video editing software is super cool, it means that watching someone say something may not be good enough anymore. If you were not physically present in a moment, it may now be impossible to tell if what someone said actually happened.

real time face scan[Image Source: Matthias Niessner]

Being able to control someone else in real time is a power that comes with quite a bit of responsibility. One of the most amazing things about this software is how real the reenactment looks, as it is almost indistinguishable to the original source video. There are other methods for digital facial reconstruction currently out there, but this method using RGB input is by far the most accurate when it comes to creating a believable output model. Technology is getting just a little bit scary with all that people are capable now days. You may need to start fact checking the videos you watch to make sure what they said, was really what they said..."

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