Man Converted Old Fiat into Fully Electric Car

Trevor English
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One man wanted to create his very own electric car to save money and help the environment, so he bought an old Fiat and got to work. Murat Orhon bought a 1990 Fiat 126 Bis for US$1,000, otherwise the cheapest car that he could find. He also picked the Fiat because some of its featured allowed him to do less work in the conversion process. To begin, he removed the motor and other components only needed for a gasoline powered vehicle. In theory, the conversion was simple: hook an electric motor up to the transmission and install a series of batteries to store the power. The video below from Murat takes a look at what driving the car is like.

Murat even custom made a dashboard displaying not only GPS but also giving real-time feeds from the electric motor and battery storage behind the front seats. Murat documented the whole process on his Facebook page where he commented on each modification he made. If you are looking to convert a car to an EV, his commentary and pictures may be of great help. Below, you can find a behind the scenes video of building the Fiat and all of the components needed for the conversion.

old-electric[Image Source: Murat Orhon]

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