Man Creates Device to Sweep Colorado Beetles Off of His Crop

Many are rejoicing at the new device which is made from an old bicycle and a broom.
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The device catching the beetlesThund3rbolt/Reddit

One man's device may push aside pesticides and chemicals used on plants and crops to remove bugs. Well, maybe not quite yet, but the inventive and upcycled device the man put together sure is effective. 

The device itself is used to brush off Colorado potato beetle, also known as the Colorado beetle, off of the man's crop, which was infested with the little six-legged bright creatures. These are a pest to potato crops, so it's somewhat of a joy to watch them wriggling around in their thousands in this man's contraption.


What is the device?

Good question. It's a makeshift device that seems to have been built entirely from what the crop-owner had lying around his barn: an old bicycle wheel and handlebar, a tin box, two broom heads, and some metal bars to keep everything together. And voila!

If the device sounds dubious, think again. When you watch it in motion it truly does the trick, and it does it seemingly very well as the Colorado beetles seem to gather in the thousands in his tin box. 

It appears to work by being pushed along the rows of crops thanks to the sturdy bicycle wheel and handlebar, then the two broom heads sweep over the crops dusting off the beetles into the tin box attached to the side of the contraption. 

It's as simple and as ingenious as that. 

Guy makes a device to remove colorado beetles from his crop from r/interestingasfuck

What are Colorado potato beetles?

These pests are native to North America and are usually restricted and controlled using insecticides on crops. Their name says it all as their favorite crop to attack is the potato. They are, in fact, considered to be the most important insect defoliator of potatoes. 

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They can also attack tomato and eggplant crops. Their larvae are no exception, as these feed off the leaves, and their damage can even result in up to 100% of yield losses if the plant is damaged prior to tuber formation. 

You do not want these small but mighty creatures in your crops. 

Man Creates Device to Sweep Colorado Beetles Off of His Crop
The Colorado potato beetle, Source: Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker/Flickr

The video showing off the man using his device over his crops has blown up on Reddit, with many users posting comments of awe, as well as recollections of when they themselves had to pick out Colorado beetles from their families' crops by hand. Many wish they had this type of device to help them back in the day! 

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