The Man Who Gave Us Android Releases the New Essential Phone

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Watch out Apple and Samsung, there is a new player in the smartphone market. Android creator Andy Rubin has launched his own high-end smartphone product, simply called, The Essential Phone.

The Man Who Gave Us Android Releases the New Essential Phone

[Image Source: Essential]

Rubin left Google in 2014 to set up his technology investment company, Playground. The Essential smartphone is the first product from the Playground supported firm, Essential. The sleek device predictably runs on the Android operating system and is on sale for $699 USD (£540). The Samsung/Apple saturated smartphone market is notoriously difficult to break into. The high retail price of the Essential Phone is not doing this device any favors, but fans of Rubin and open source technology are likely to be early adopters.

Tough stuff

The price might be high but tech junkies and style gurus alike won’t be able to resist the phone's head turning design. Created from solid titanium and ceramic, the Essential phone's screen has minimal bevel which gives it a distinct look. Even more noticeable is that the phone displays no logos or markings. Creator Andy Rubin suggests the high quality, ultra-tough materials mean the device requires no case and is virtually unbreakable. Though unlike other emerging smartphones on the market the Essential is not waterproof. It also does not come with a 35 mm supportable jack.


The Man Who Gave Us Android Releases the New Essential Phone

[Image Source: Essential]

The fine print on the Essential Phone

While it is unlikely the Essential Phone will give the iPhone or Samsung S Series a serious run for their money, other competitors like Google and Lenovo should be keeping a close eye on Rubin and Essential. Armed with an impressive front-facing camera, with an 8-megapixel sensor and 4K recording capabilities. The Essential is definitely one for the social media selfie hounds.  Though even this impressive camera spec has been seen before in competing models such as Huawei's P9 and the Honor 8.
The Man Who Gave Us Android Releases the New Essential Phone

[Image Source: Essential]

Snap-on tools

The most exciting feature of the Essential is its modular ability. Two magnetic dots on the phone's backside are designed to accommodate Essential snap-on accessories. Right now the company is offering a 360-degree camera. Billed as world's smallest 360-degree camera, it is comprised of two 12MP fisheye lenses and four microphones. The other accessory currently available is a charging station.

The Essential home assistant.

The Essential phone is the first product we’ve seen from Essential but they are billed to launch a Home Assist product, Ambient OS, later this year. The Ambient OS will compete in the market with Amazon's Alexa and Google's Home. This seems like a smart move as the home assist industry is still taking baby steps while the smartphone market has surely reached saturation. The Ambient OS is being touted as a product that is “A friendly face for your home” andplays well with others.”

The Man Who Gave Us Android Releases the New Essential Phone

[Image Source: Essential]

As a dedicated believer in open source technology,  it is an exciting time for gadget consumers as we wait to see what Rubin and his team cook up at Essential.

Sources: BBCEssential

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