Meccano goes super-size thanks to Meccano Home

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If you used to spend many an hour as a child constructing things with Meccano then you are going to love Meccano Home. This is because the Meccano pieces have been made super-size and they can be used to build furniture for the home or office.

meccano-home-4[Image Source: Meccano Home]

With the Meccano Home pieces it is possible to build full-sized furniture with a difference and it is totally functional. For instance, to make such things as cabinets, tables or lamps you just put them together as you would the toy parts. In other words, if you can think it you can now build a unique piece of furniture for your home or office.

All of the parts are modular, which means that if you built a table and then decided you wanted a different piece of furniture some weeks later, you can simply dissemble the table and use the parts for something else. With the Meccano Home parts you are only really limited by your imagination. You can stray away from the ordinary tables with four legs and a top and come up with something entirely unique. The Meccano furniture that you make can take the same type of weights that any traditional piece of furniture would.

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meccano-home-2[Image Source: Meccano Home]

All of the parts of the Meccano Home system have been painted in bright colours and they all have the traditional holes in the pieces just the same as on the toy version, so you aren’t going to be able to build anything to hold liquid. The system is available to buy as individual parts along with pre-packaged sets. Packaged sets allow you to build such as a shelf, dining tablet or stool.

If you want versatile furniture in your home or office that is going to stand out then this could be the solution for you. Unfortunately though with the increase in size comes an increase in price and the Meccano Home sets don't come cheap' the stool for example is 198 Euros.

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