Meet AutoGPT: The new kid on the AI block that's making the internet go crazy

Designed to automate GPT tasks, Auto-GPTs aim to make AI autonomous. But how close are we to that?
Ameya Paleja
The next wave of AI tools is automating AI tasks for you
The next wave of AI tools is automating AI tasks for you


After the release of GPT-4, the world was barely catching its breath, when a new craze seems to be catching up already. This time it is called AutoGPT, a tool that lets you build artificial intelligence (AI) agents that can complete tasks for you using GPT-4.

Even as some of the top names in the AI industry call for a pause on the release of future iterations of products, the journey to building them has already begun. It is unlikely that the next step in the AI race will be as revolutionary as ChatGPT. What it is likely to be are many small increments over existing technology and AutGPT is one such tool.

How does Auto-GPT work?

Created by Toran Bruce Richards, Auto-GPT is an open-source application and more of an experiment that could even be labeled as a tool to showcase GPT-4's capabilities. What the script manages to also do is string together tasks that one needs GPT-4 to perform and perform them in the intended sequence.

To do this, a user needs to first create an AI agent on the app, give it a description of its role, and then lay out five goals that it needs to fulfill. While doing this, one also needs to provide it an OpenAI API key along with a Google API key.

Once this is done, the tool can simply run tasks in an iterative manner which would include taking a GPT-4 output and putting it back into the AI model to make improvements to the results.

In case, a user wants to check the result at each step of the way, they can also ask the tool to seek permission before proceeding to the next step. The applications of such a tool are numerous and some have taken it to the extreme and suggested that AI can be put to work and used to earn money, as well.

Meet AutoGPT: The new kid on the AI block that's making the internet go crazy
Next iteration AI is now helping automate AI tasks

While that might be a bit of a stretch at the moment, it hasn't stopped people from trying to build agents with such intentions, something that has gone viral on social media.

Users may also be warned that GPT-4 and other AI models have a habit of "hallucinating" and can create some fictional data based on tasks. So, not all results can be trusted 100 percent.

Auto-GPT is just one of the many tools that now allow people to create their own AI agents. For those worried if this could lead to the rise of autonomous AI, it is unlikely given GPT-4 itself has its limitations and is a very narrow-AI, able to complete one type of task.

Researchers are now aiming for artificial general intelligence (AGI), where an AI system can solve problems that it is not specifically trained for and that is something we really need to have safeguards on from the moment go.