Meet Chaos: The World's First 'Ultracar' With a Staggering 3,000-HP Output

The countdown to its unveiling has begun.
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Greek automaker Spyros Panopolous Automotive (SP Automotive) teased what it is calling the world's first "ultracar," an internal combustion vehicle with a staggering 3,000-horsepower output, a report from DesignBoom explains.

After the Geneva Motor Show was canceled for the third year running due to "industry-wide issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic," including the global chip shortage, SP Automotive decided to unveil its new car, called Chaos, via its website. The company has teased the new vehicle, showing off several images on its social media accounts, and a countdown clock on its official website indicates when the official unveiling will take place today. 

Meet Chaos: The World's First 'Ultracar' With a Staggering 3,000-HP Output
The full unveiling of Chaos will take place later today. Source:SP Automotive/Instagram

Though little is known so far in the way of specifications, more details will surely emerge today. In the meantime, SP Automotive sure isn't shying away from hyping up its new machine. In an Instagram post, greek designer Spyros Panopolous, who founded the automaker in 2019 says, "I couldn't find the car of my dreams, so I built it myself."

"The vehicle from point A to point B will take almost half of the time that a hypercar or mega car needs," Panopolous explains in another post. "The driver may now need special driving skills and a better perception of space to take advantage the most of the vehicle’s capabilities."

Borrowing materials from F1 and space technologies

In a promotional teaser video (embedded above) for Chaos, SP Automotive referred to one of Chaos' building materials, a new amorphous metal called SAMx5-630, which is made "by using metallic glass matrix composites (MGMC) to replace a number of atoms in standard steel's crystal-like structure. In effect, this amalgam of materials creates a new version of steel that has incredible resilience to shock and is able to bounce back into shape, rather than bend or tear as ordinary steel may do under high pressure." The Greek automaker also says Chaos will feature 3D-printed hollow titanium wheels, which is says will be the "lightest metallic wheel on the market." 

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Meet Chaos: The World's First 'Ultracar' With a Staggering 3,000-HP Output
DesignerSpyros Panopolous stood next to Chaos. Source: SP Automotive/Instagram

SP Automotive also refers to the fact that its "ultracar" will be made using materials "borrowed" from F1 racing, as well as "aeronautical and space technology applications." Only 100 examples of Chaos will be built at a rate of between 15 and 20 per year. Unlike most hypercar unveilings today, Chaos is not an electric vehicle. Perhaps the most similar unveiling to come to mind is Devel Motors' 5,000-hp Devel Sixteen. Much like SP Automotive, Devel Motors was founded with the goal of building an audacious hypercar. A 2,000-horsepower base model of Chaos will be available for approximately $6.3 million, while the 3,000 horsepower model will cost an eye-watering $14.3 million. Stay tuned for more information on Chaos when it is revealed later today. 

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