Meet Mifram Security and Their Mighty Portable Barriers

Mifram Security's barriers use speeding vehicles' momentum to stop them dead.
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Created: 3/10/2020

In a world where border and building security is becoming ever more important, portable barrier systems like those developed by Mifram Security could make all the difference between safety or tragedy.

Their range of innovative vehicle security barriers are helping keep many public and private sites safe from attempted unauthorized, even hostile, vehicular access.

With the ever-present threat of terrorist attacks using vehicles or illegal trafficking of peoples across borders, such systems provide authorities with a very powerful tool in their security arsenal. 

Have we tickled your curiosity? Then read on to find out how. 


What is a portable barrier?

As the name suggests, portable barriers are forms of temporary barriers that can be transported, deployed, and collapsed to locations where they are needed. They come in many shapes and sizes, as well as designs depending on their intended use and location.

Smaller portable barriers are often used to block pedestrian or public access to areas that are undergoing maintenance, construction, or cleaning, for example. 

But there are also heavy-duty examples that are specially designed to stop speeding cars and even large trucks. One company, called Mifram Security specializes in the design, construction, and supply of these kinds of portable barriers

All of their portable barrier solutions are painstakingly designed and tested to ensure they work as intended all day, every day.

What companies make portable barriers?

There are various companies around the world that make high-quality and reliable portable barriers. But one of the world's leading manufacturers is Mifram Security. 

Founded in 1962, Mifram Security works with the world's leading governmental, security, private, and public institutes to make local communities a safer place.

Over the last 5 decades, they have acquired a wealth of experience in international security affairs, and their staff includes experienced engineers, skilled craftsmen, and many other highly motivated team members.

"As a security company, we understand the importance of information security and discretion with regard to our clients and the exact locations where our products are located." - Mifram Security.

MIframe security truck
Source: Mifram Security

Existing clients include, but are not limited to, the U.S. State Department, U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, FBI, KBR, Elbit Systems, RTA, UN, Japanese Army, French Customs and Blinds, and many national security agencies.

Mifram Security also works closely with many leading Israeli organizations and companies like the IDF, Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Aerospace and International Industry, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, and Discount Banks, Sapir College, many educational institutions, municipalities, and government departments and companies.

Their Barrier Manufacturing Division produces and supplies a wide variety of anti-ramming vehicle barriers that are lightweight, easy to deploy, portable, and don’t need any maintenance.

"These barriers are designed using the Jiu-Jitsu approach, where the momentum of ramming vehicles are used against them and transferred to the ground.

MIframe barriers monuments
MIFram's products are even being used to protect some of the world's most famous landmarks, Source: Mifram Security

All of the barriers developed and manufactured using patent-pending technology.

You can quickly join individual smaller units of the barrier together to form a required sized barrier, and it is available for varying vehicle and road sizes." - Mifram Security.

How do portable barriers work?

Portable barriers, like the modular vehicle barrier systems (MVB) supplied by Mifram Security, are designed to stop speeding vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Their MVBs consist of a special L-shape piece of apparatus that acts to block trucks and top vehicles by transferring their horizontal momentum into vertical momentum.

These barriers also transfer a lot of the kinetic energy downwards into the ground in order to drastically reduce or terminate the target vehicle's momentum. 

In much the same way that many martial arts, like Jiu-Jitsu or Karate, use their opponent's momentum against to win the day, these barriers use a speeding vehicle's momentum to stop them in short order.

Depending on the stopping distance required, and mass of the intended target will determine the number and type of portable barrier needed for a particular situation. 

"An innovative pivot system allows the barrier to be used as a swing gate for a vehicle inspection or allowing emergency service vehicles to move in or out of event areas.

Mifram Security strives to achieve a stronger balance between portability and blocking ability in vehicle barriers. This non-lethal solution helps block trucks and vehicles and assists vehicular control – without destroying a vehicle.

[They are] effective against vehicles that have run-flat protection fitted – as opposed to spike systems. ​[Our products] can also stop ramming vehicles from breaking into restricted or events areas." - Mifram Security.

Their Samson mobile barriers have been specially designed to be able to stop a speeding 18-ton truck in its tracks. Using the same principle as detailed above, these kinds of barrier pack a real punch and are ideal for fast deployment, multi-terrain asphalt, and gravel locations. 

What can portable barriers be used for?

Portable vehicle barriers, like Mifram Security's wide range of products, can be used for various applications and sectors. With the ever-increasing use of vehicles to perform terrorist attacks or need to protect borders from illegal immigration, these kinds of simple defensive devices can prove invaluable. 

This is especially true given the current growing panic over potential-pandemics from diseases like the coronavirus. Such barrier systems can be used to keep and hold quarantine zones and border controls from panicked or desperate citizens and foreign nationals. 

For this reason, solutions like those provided by Mifram Security will become ever more important for authorities and business owners to keep their premises and property safe from potential nefarious intentions. 

Older barrier systems are fast becoming obsolete, especially traditional fixed solutions. The beauty of Mifram's modular and portable systems is their ease of transportation and storage, allowing rapid deployment of them to places where they are most needed. 

miframe security stored barriers
Mifram Security's products are specially designed for ease of storage, Source: Mifram Security

Many sectors can benefit from Mifram Security's products, including, but not limited to: 

  • Airport defense
  • Banks and financial facilities
  • Borders
  • Bridges and interchanges
  • Communication facilities
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Factories and industrial facilities
  • Festivals and events
  • Government establishments and embassies
  • Historical buildings, museums, and cultural centers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Military bases and posts
  • Power plants
  • Railway stations
  • Seaports
  • Shopping malls
  • Sporting events
  • Stadiums

If you need further information about the barriers, would like to connect with a local distributor in your country, or considering becoming a distributor yourself, please visit Mifram Security's website.

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