Meet RoboDeck: More Than a Deck Cleaner

With its all-new navigation system and variety of features, RoboDeck redefines effective deck maintenance.
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Created: 10/4/2021
The photo credit line may appear like thisRobo Deck

The 2021 edition of TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield has just concluded, with the editors voting to hail a stem cell production automator as the ultimate winner. This year’s batch of 20 participants includes startups that offer products in a variety of areas, from education to programming, finance, medicine, engineering, and alternative technologies. However, one participant in the annual startup competition could very well merit another look.

TechCrunch calls it a “robot that keeps your house’s deck looking good.” The publication, however, points out that simply describing it as a “Roomba for resealing your deck” is not doing it justice. It is called RoboDeck and it seeks to bring automation seamlessly into the $10 billion deck maintenance market.

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