Meet the Incredible Machine Behind the Impossible Burger Shot

Trevor English

Most things today are computer generated, but there are a rare few who still work with practical effects. Steve Giralt is one of those people, and he gives us a behind the scenes look at how he pulled off one of those impossible burger shots. You know, the commercials where all of the ingredients of a burger perfectly fall together to make a delicious looking burger. As it turns out, it required quite a bit of planning to pull it off. Check out the final edit below.

Other than the final edit, Steve also gives everyone a behind-the-scenes look at how he created the machine responsible for this impressive feat. Steve Giralt is one incredibly talented videographer, which is how he makes his living. He constructed a machine that suspends the ingredients mid-air until at the last second, drops them to the ground to perfectly fall into place and become the perfect shot. You can see the behind the scenes footage below.

The engineering and precision that went into making this short clip of video is nothing less than impressive. Hopefully now, as the commercial intended, you want to snack down on one of those juicy-looking burgers.

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