Meet Wehead: the latest technology for virtual meetings

The new device can be controlled via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
Loukia Papadopoulos


Zero Distance launched its first product called Wehead, based on its proprietary avatar technology that recreates the physical experience of a person virtually, according to a statement acquired by IE Wednesday.

3D screens and hand gestures

“The futuristic-looking smart display provides an experience of the physical presence of a remote person in the room through 3D screens and head gestures. The head-shaped device enables people to have a deeper sense of intimacy within a conversation, whether they join in-person or remotely,” stated the press release.

Wehead can be controlled via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. To do so, users can simply move their head, and the device will repeat the movements, allowing them to look around through the device's camera and observe the environment, turning to different people in a conference room to keep up a conversation.

Ilia Sedoshkin, the founder of Zero Distance, commented: “ Wehead is an advanced robotics state-of-the-art technology available for consumers. The device is for tech enthusiasts who want to touch and experience a part of the future technology we are working on today and support the development of our full-size avatar system. We have started with Wehead seeing surprising transformations taking shape in the workplace in the Post-COVID19 world. We are going to raise funds for further development of the technology and to receive first feedback from like-minded people who are building the future with us. The big idea for the future is to bring to the market an affordable avatar system for spatial full-body presence in a remote location.”

Meet Wehead: the latest technology for virtual meetings
Wehead recreates the phsyical experience of a person.

Representing a remote person

Wehead can represent a remote person physically in a meeting room or home office. The system includes multiple screens, a camera and a 2-axis motor. It provides all the essentials of “in-person” conversations like eye-contact, full sized facial features, spatial speech and head-gestures. Wehead can bring an additional dimension to video conferences, virtual business meetings, and telepresence experiences at events in distant locations.

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.Pavel Rekunov, Head of Product at Wehead, commented: “By using Wehead, one can feel as if been teleported into the host’s environment, being able to look around and communicate freely with anyone, not being restrained by the rectangle of the screen and the position of one’s camera. Controlling the Wehead by your own head movements, by your phone’s gyroscope or even simply by the on-screen controller or a mouse, you experience an unprecedented feeling of freedom. Wehead is exceptionally good at recreating the feeling as if the person is actually there with you. You can see the guest’s face and expressions, to whom the guest is talking to in the room or what one is looking at, precisely.”

Since virtual work places are becoming increasingly popular, the future of Wehead is looking very promising. Could we soon see the day when we all use the device?