Mercedes-Benz Debuts eScooter With Safe, Luxury Design to Cover 'Last Mile'

Mercedes-Benz's all-electric eScooter focuses on longevity, with mileage of more than 3,000 miles.
Brad Bergan
The photo credit line may appear like thisMercedes-Benz / Daimler

Mercedes-Benz has developed a new sustainable concept to cover a gap in mobility needs of professionals worldwide — called the eScooter — designed to take transiting workers the "last mile" from the car to the office, according to a recent blog post on the company's website.


eScooter Front Close
Mercedes-Benz's eScooter offers emission-free transport with a mileage of more than 3,000 miles (5,000 km). Source: Mercedes-Benz / Daimler

Mercedes-Benz unveils eScooter to take X the 'last mile' to work

Mercedes-Benz is working to meet the needs of a widening range of target all-electric mobility vehicles — form smart EQ for city environs to the EQV people carrier and the EQC — a new take on the SUV. But the eScooter aims to take the manufacturer a step further — bringing an emission-free vehicle to market to help consumers in the "last mile" of any journey.

Mercedes-Benz's eScooter "was designed with one thing in mind: longevity," read the website. The company used high-quality materials and components to offer a mileage of more than 3,100 miles (roughly 5,000 kilometers) — and the eScooter's low weight and simple folding mechanism make for a trunk- and public transport-ready stop-gap for increasing human range without sacrificing design or safety.

eScooter Beach Front
The eScooter features an intuitive folding mechanism for easy mobility in crowded urban centers. Source: Mercedes-Benz / Daimler

eScooter offers 'emission-free micro-mobility,' improves air quality

Mercedes-Benz is launching the eScooter in collaboration with Swiss micro-mobility specialists at Micro Mobility Systems AG — to meet the Stuttgart, Germany-based automotive manufacturer's needs in an urban transport-intensive and individual-first market.

"Emission-free micro-mobility is a valuable component on the way to livable cities with an intelligent traffic mix and thus supports improving air quality," read the company's post.

eScooter Branding
The eScooter's brand layout aims for aesthete appeal. Source: Mercedes-Benz / Daimler

eScooter supports 500 W, 15.5-mile range

Unlike bicycles or e-bikes, the eScooter is a small and contained package — removing the burden larger alternatives might pose on other people.

"The elegant black design, with Mercedes-Benz and Micro co-branding on the steering column, appeals to aesthetes who want to stand out from the crowd and use a product that has been thought through in detail," read the post.

The eScooter's electric motor uses a maximum of 500 W of power, and can rapidly accelerate to the 12.42 mph (20 km/h) speed limit in Germany — with a 7.8 Amp-hour (Ah) battery offering a range up to 15.5 miles (25 km).

eScooter Top-Down View
Mercedes-Benz's eScooter comes with a wide, non-slip kickboard. Source: Mercedes-Benz / Daimler

Wide Kickboard, extra foot-space, all-electric revolution

Mercedes-Benz' eScooter features a wide kickboard coated in non-slip material — and is designed to provide plenty of space for both feet. The vehicle also comes with 7.8-inch (20-cm) diameter rubber wheels on the front and rear suspension — to allow optimal motion over uneven surfaces — like cobblestones.

As all-electric fever begins to transform the fossil-fuel smog of the 20th century into something more sustainable, Mercedes-Benz and Micro Mobility Systems have joined and released the eScooter to carry all-electric enthusiasts the "last mile" from their main vehicle to the final destination.


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