Microsoft Introduces Tilt-Responsive Techniques for More Realistic Experiences

Microsoft Research's advanced digital make-it-easier techniques might prove useful for you.
Deniz Yildiran
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Microsoft Research has just come up with what you need to organize the way you spend time or work on a digital screen. And the screen tilts to meet your digital needs

Tilt-Responsive Techniques, as it goes by the name, are applied in Microsoft's different app scenarios. They are basically the trial cases of current MS programs and features to create an interactive experience with the user. The techniques have been tried on Microsoft Surface Studio first.


Starting with the desktop view, for example, you might use different content in a free form on the low angle as if you're working on a messy table. When you tilt the screen up, the content will just shift to an organized display, therefore there'll be no need for you to put them in order one by one.

Maps application changes the cityscape perspective as you move the angle up and down. It's just a matter of seconds as your vision changes from the buildings from a bird's eye view to the sense of being among them through skyline view. 

The new tech cares about your privacy, is you are one of those who likes to keep his ideas safe. You might just use jot down on your Sticky Notes app on the low angle posture, and when you tilt the screen up, the notes move to hide the personal work notes. Or anything else you are into. 

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There is also the Documents app, simply akin to MS Word, that allows you to take handwritten notes between the expanded space of lines when you tilt it down to low angle. The list follows the Live Photos App where you can tilt the screen up and down to scrub through time and stop motion anywhere as the trial document suggests.

The new techniques are included in others such as the Presentation app and Teleconference App where your personal space and task space are divided to work distinctively. 

It just looks like an idea yet, however, we can already see that it will turn out useful for those who are living with their digitals soon. 

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