Mitsubishi Develops LED Skylights to Improve Windowless Offices

Simulating the Sun as it crosses the sky during the day, the LED skylight changes color throughout the day.
Fabienne Lang
Mitsubishi LED skylightMitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric may have just unveiled a lifesaving device for office workers. 

Showcasing their Misola LED skylight, Mitsubishi explained that the main purpose of creating this light is to improve office spaces which are most of the time soulless and windowless.

Given a huge number of people work in offices with rows and rows of cubicles, sometimes in areas where not much light can come in, this may be the perfect answer to the issue. 


Sun simulating LED skylight

Sunshine keeps us humans happy and positive, most of the time anyway. So when you find yourself stuck indoors, in a dark and soulless space, your energy levels can drop quite dramatically, quite quickly. 

To counter such low feelings, as well as boost productivity, Mitsubishi created the Misola LED skylight. These LED panels look like skylights, so you can attach them to ceilings or walls, and are meant to simulate the effect of the Sun moving across the sky. 

Each skylight comprises four panels, one of which is always a little darker to make it seem like a shadow, just like what our real-life Sun creates. The other three panels change colors regularly, matching the way the sunlight would change throughout the day.

Mitsubishi Develops LED Skylights to Improve Windowless Offices
Mitsubishi's Misola skylights, Source: Mitsubishi

For most people walking past these LED skylights, they probably couldn't tell these weren't windows offering a direct view of the outdoors. 

Mitsubishi created these panels with offices and warehouses in mind to improve the quality of life for their workers. The company also stated that hospitals and nursing homes would benefit greatly from their lights. 

These offices will have to spend a pretty penny before attaching Mitsubishi's skylights though, as the manually-programmed LED lights start at $6,200, and the deluxe version starts at $6,800 that utilize automatic timers. Sales begin in October this year

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