Mixed Reality Will Soon Be in the Service of Science Labs

Mixed Reality will usher in a new age of innovation in laboratory.
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Created: 5/29/2019

The laboratory of the future will be very different. Emerging technology is radically reshaping the way we tackle daily challenges in the laboratory, opening the doors to new methods and insights, creating an incubator for potential new discoveries.

One technology that is sure to bring about a new age of innovation is the exciting realm of mixed reality.

Imagine your future laboratory. Better yet, imagine a high-tech laboratory from your favorite science fiction film. Maybe even think of that infamous scene from Minority Report.

Your favorite director probably used some form of what they perceived as mixed reality to convey the idea of the “ laboratory of the future.”


For the initiated, mixed reality is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world. It is considered the next evolution in human, computer, and environment interaction, a place in which the world is the interface.

In short, mixed reality allows users to interact directly with their environment. Mixed reality uses a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality to control physical reality using hand gestures, voice commands, and eye movements. Scientists can manipulate a lab bench without even directly touching it.

Mixed Reality Will Soon Be in the Service of Science Labs
Source: Holo4labs

Mixed Reality in the laboratory

The laboratory holds a special place in humanity’s history, becoming a place of discovery and lasting innovation. Mixed reality can help continue this tradition, helping to create a safe, simplistic, accountable laboratory environment. Holo4Labs is here to usher in the modern laboratory.

Developed by Solution4Labs, Holo4Labs is the mixed reality version of Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) made for Microsoft's powerful HoloLens 2. In short, this application gives scientists the opportunity to merge data processing information management software used by scientists on a day-to-day basis with the real world laboratory.

Mixed Reality Will Soon Be in the Service of Science Labs
Source: Holo4labs

Think of it like giving a scientist an extra pair of hands, yet drastically decreasing the possibility of human error. In fact, mixed reality tools like Holo4Labs helps free scientist of the mundane and tedious aspects of the lab work that can take up so much time.

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However, the benefits of using this mixed reality tool go much deeper than that. In fact, the minds behind the application believe their mixed reality interface will facilitate the next era of innovation in the laboratory.

Mixed Reality Will Soon Be in the Service of Science Labs
Source: Holo4labs

Changing the way we work in the laboratory

The laboratory plays a vital role in the fuel industry, pharmaceutical, food industry, biobanking industry, and metallurgical industry, just to name a few. The Holo4Labs has a place in all of them.

It is the only HoloLens software designed to run Thermo Fisher Scientific SampleManagerTM LIMS. Due to this technology, the mixed reality system has a host of applications in the industries mentioned above.  

Compared to traditional augmented reality technologies, mixed reality allows application users to interact with overlays, affecting real-world devices. With something like this tool, users can complete sample recognition, mundane procedures, measurements, and even data collection hands-free.   

Mixed Reality Will Soon Be in the Service of Science Labs
Source: Holo4labs

Holo4Labs has three major benefits that can be applied to a laboratory. First and foremost the mixed reality program is here to save you time and money, two crucial resources in the laboratory setting. Using the app, you can quickly analyze samples and get the data needed, store it for future analysis and do it all hands-free.

The mixed-reality application gives you the opportunity to react immediately as changes occur in the laboratory, analyzing samples while having better control with your peers. Thanks to the capabilities of mixed reality you can communicate with peers across the world on current projects.

Human error and mistakes can slow down the research process. The Solution4Labs created application helps you tackle problems even before they occur. This helps create both a safer and higher quality environment for scientists. But, wait there's more.

Mixed Reality features that will change the laboratory

With the Holo4Labs you can, inform, record, and analyze. Intuitive controls ensure that you do not miss a beat. The user interface takes full advantage of the Microsoft HoloLens 2 without being invasive or distracting from the tasks at hand.

Simple but well thought out technology like the intuitive eye-tracking ensures scientists are consistently able to interact with the lab bench at hand, easily cycling through options, setting and step by step procedures. Paired with the hands-free tracking sensors paperless and precise documentation has never been easier.

And, as mentioned above the audio and 2K visual capabilities of the mixed reality device allows scientific collaborators to call in and observe laboratory work all while providing spatial awareness of the laboratory environment.

As mentioned above, emerging technology is ushering sweeping changes across the laboratory. Mixed reality itself holds the promise of creating laboratory environments that are more collaborative, safe, and accurate, allowing both scientists and pioneers to focus on innovation.

For more on how mixed reality will change the laboratory, check out the minds behind Holo4Labs.