Anker's modular solar storage solution can power your entire house in an outage now

Your energy storage solution can now grow as per your needs.
Ameya Paleja
The modular energy storage solution from Anker
The modular energy storage solution from Anker


Anker might have been a brand associated with USB cables and adaptors for smartphones, but over the past few years has been strengthening its presence in energy storage solutions for homes. Its latest offering, unveiled earlier this week, is also its biggest battery pack yet and can now power your entire house in case of an outage.

Solar-based energy storage solutions have grown in popularity since Tesla unveiled its Powerwall. The nifty-looking solution also comes with a higher price tag, allowing other companies to offer competitively priced alternatives.

Anker has been building its portfolio of energy solutions beginning with a portable power station and then extending it to a solar generator that one can fix themselves, negating the need for expensive installation and long wait times. At a recent company event, Anker unveiled its new line of Solix products, with a modular battery pack that can be scaled up.

A modular Powerwall?

Apart from its electric vehicles, Tesla has also established itself as a brand for solar and home energy solutions. The Powerwall, now available in its second iteration, is quite a popular product in the industry which is still in its nascent stages.

Powerwall 2 comes in a fixed 13.5kWh battery configuration and can be scaled up in multiples, with each unit costing around $11,500 along with installation, per Marketwatch estimates.

Although Anker has now revealed its pricing, the energy storage solution is highly modular and can be set up with as little as five kWh capacity. The battery packs stack up nicely on each other and can be scaled to 180kWh, enough to power your entire house.

Anker's modular solar storage solution can power your entire house in an outage now
Artist's rendition of the system at work


Another way Anker makes an attractive value proposition is a freedom to pair the system with your existing solar panels, unlike having to order them again if you choose to go the Tesla way.

Like most tech, everything is connected to a smartphone app, so you do not have to keep running to the battery pack to know its charge levels.

The mini Powerwall

Anker has also added a balcony-based energy storage solution for clean energy enthusiasts who live in smaller homes, such as condos, and do not have the liberty to install extensive systems.

Called a "Solarbank," the solution works with Anker's micro inverters and will neatly fit into the balcony space of a regular apartment. This will take away that little bit of space left after installing the solar panels but will give you the peace of mind that the house is running without fossil fuel-derived energy for extended periods—a small price to pay for a smaller carbon footprint.

The Solarbank is also expandable up to 3.2 kWh, lesser than the battery of a modern-day electric vehicle but should provide enough power for the small home to be run on solar energy.

Interesting Engineering has previously covered Ecoflow, a similar-looking home energy storage solution. All it takes to get these solutions home today is a call with the company and slightly deep pockets.

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