Morgan Motor Company Is Releasing an All New Three-Wheeler

No technical specs have yet been revealed.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Morgan Motor Company's Morgan 3 Wheeler was already quite popular with car lovers, even showing up in enthusiast and collector Jay Leno's garage. So, imagine our excitement when the company announced in a press release it would soon release an all-new model. 

“We are thrilled to confirm plans for an all-new three-wheeled Morgan, a model that continues an incredible story dating back to 1909. The outgoing 3 Wheeler was adored by customers and enthusiasts alike, and will inspire this next generation," Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company, said in the release.

Morris added that the long-awaited model features an all-new, ground-up design and the first whole vehicle program to be completed under the stewardship of the leading European investment group Investindustrial. It takes into account everything that the company has learned from a decade of building and selling the previous model. 

Unfortunately, the press release does not provide any technical specifications, so we are, for now, left to wonder how much power the model will have and what sort of transmission it will use. It also does not reveal when we can expect the production version.

It does, however, provide an image that is quite exciting that shows off a sleek and assertive exterior design.

Rumors have circulated that Morgan's new three-wheeler may just be electric, but the press statement revealed that the new version will use a naturally aspirated inline-three engine from Ford. The statement added that the engine's "testing and durability program marks the most extensive validation of any Morgan ever developed."

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Those electric rumors stem from the fact that back in 2015, the company was working on an all-electric three-wheeler. That version would have had a single electric motor at the back offering 45kW of power.

The innovative three-wheeler dates back to the founding of the company in 1909. Back then, its founder, HFS Morgan, built a three-wheeled vehicle to drive him around the Malvern Hills. People took a liking to it and many variants were released over the coming decades. These were so popular, that it took 30 years for Morgan to start producing four-wheeled cars , instead putting all its time and energy into the rare and elusive three-wheeler.


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