The Most Useful Things You Didn't Know Siri Can Do for You

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As the dawning of the futuristic civilization broke out a few years ago with the invention of autonomous cars, exceptionally smart gadgets, interactive home products, and many other out-of-science-fiction technologies, the progress of intelligent assistance is also making its steady pace towards the highly advanced future. But how could you actually use intelligent assistance to help you out with your everyday life? For those who haven't exploited their iPhone's virtual assistance yet, known as Siri to most, here is a list of how you can start enjoying the benefits of the personal assistant that came with your Apple smartphone. From organizing your life to providing you with your favorite music, Siri is one hell of an assistant that will make your life so much easier (if you know how to use it).

The Most Useful Things You Didn't Know Siri Can Do for You

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Opening up Siri

If you didn't know already, you can invoke her by pressing and holding down the home button or by doing the same actions on the center button of your Apple's Earpods.

If the "Hey Siri" feature is enabled on your phone, simply say "Hey Siri" and start dishing out a command.

Establish relationships 

To make it easier to connect to someone, establish your relationship with a specific person by saying it to Siri. From here, it'll be just a simple case of asking her to call your "Mom" or "Brother" or anyone you've established a relationship with.

Siri can connect you with anyone

Just by saying the buzz words "Call" or "FaceTime", plus the established relationship or person's name you want to speak to, she will automatically dial your iPhone and get you connected. If you prefer text messaging, leave it to her to do the typing and just tell her what you want your message to entail. Many other communication apps like Skype, Twitter, email messaging, iMessage etc. can be handled by her. Here's a quick tutorial video to get around the basics.

Reminders and update lists

Don't bother with the painstaking task of opening up your calendar to input a reminder or a task - let Siri do it for you. You can also create, update and review lists, like a shopping list or to-do list, using the virtual assistant.

Event planning

Organizing an event is probably daunting for those who have not tried to arrange one before. And since we are in the year 2017, you don't have to walk around with diaries and calendars and worry about important dates or the nitty gritty of events anymore. Let Siri do it for you. Whether you're an amateur or professional event planner, she can definitely be your personal assistant.

Navigate and traffic updates

Personally, one of Siri's most useful feature is her navigation skills and her ability to keep you informed about traffic conditions.

Especially when you're alone driving and can't fiddle about with your phone to find your destination.

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Your personal DJ

Of course, playing music is one of the coolest things your iPhone or iPad can do and you can use Siri to be your personal DJ just by simply asking her to play a specific song by an artist.

Movie times and location

If you can't decide what film to catch at your local movie theater then ask for Siri's help. She will give you the movie times, reviews, and other details about it so you can decide better - find out how in this video.

Keep up to date with sports scores 

Here are some handy commands to keep track with the latest sports games or matches played in the past, present, and future.

Check airplanes above you 

How about airplane spotting? If you've run out of things to do to entertain yourself, you can try plane spotting using Siri. This video tells you how.  You can also check your flight's status when you're traveling by saying the commands "Check flight status of [airline and flight number].

Restaurant reservations

If you're not patient enough to go through a list of restaurants to find somewhere to eat, and let alone call the place and book a reservation, Siri can step in to do the work for you.

Third party apps

Previous iOS versions can only interact with Apple's own applications like iMessage, facetime etc. However, the latest iOS 10 system have opened up to other apps and allows you to use them via Siri.

Home automation

That's right, you can also get Siri to run your home functions together with HomeKit.

General search      

There's no typing needed here, simply ask Siri to search for anything you want and she will use search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to provide you with results. Wolfram Alpha also works with Siri if ever you need computational assistance.

App Store search

Ask Siri to look up product prices via the app store - go ahead, try it.

Siri can call you any nickname you want

Yes, you can get Siri to call you whichever nickname you want her to call you - you know, to establish a relationship.

Secret features

For those who are no technology wizards and are not aware of how to make the most of Siri, here are some quick commands that may be helpful for you. 

Joke around 

Now, we can't end a list of what Siri can do without going through silly things you can get the obedient personal assistant to do or answer. So, here are some silly, online-appropriate things you can ask/tell her, which she will provide hilarious responses to.

There you are, now you can grab your iPhone and try out some of these features and tricks on Siri. Whether you want to maximize your everyday working life or just want to have a relaxed, hands-free music trip, we hope that these commands will help you use iPhone's virtual assistant optimally. Some of these videos were from a couple of years ago and the described functions may have changed already with the latest iOS 10 system.

Let us know in the comments below if you know any cool tricks Siri can do or if we've missed out important features of the virtual assistant.

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