In-mouth bluetooth mouse lets quadriplegics control their computers

The MouthPad performs right-clicks with a suck-in gesture and left-clicks with a tongue press.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The MouthPad.jpg
The MouthPad.

Augmental Technologies 

San Francisco-based firm Augmental Technologies has conceived of a Bluetooth mouse designed to be worn inside a user's mouth in order to allow quadriplegics to use their computers efficiently and safely.

What is The MouthPad?

The device is essentially worn like a mouthguard and is appropriately called the MouthPad. The mouthpiece is fitted over the user's upper teeth while a tongue-sensitive trackpad rests against the roof of the mouth.

The MouthPad performs right clicks with a suck-in gesture and left clicks with a tongue press. Meanwhile, its Bluetooth option is used for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances.

The technology is mainly used as an alternative to wire connections, to exchange files between nearby portable devices, and connect cell phones and music players with wireless headphones.

It does all this with minimum interference in a user’s speech. This is an important feature as quadriplegics could also be using voice recognition to guide their computers.

"The MouthPad is a tongue-driven interface that controls your computer, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth. Virtually invisible to the world, but always available to you, it is positioned across the roof of your mouth to put all of the power of a conventional touchpad in the tip of your tongue," the firm states on its website

"Whether you're looking for a new way to unleash your creativity or seamlessly interact with your personal devices, the possibilities are infinite with the MouthPad."

More intuitive ways to interact with computing systems

"Our goal," says the company, "is to provide everyone with more intuitive ways to interact with computing systems."

Interested buyers might have to wait a little to get their hands on this bad boy as the product is currently in beta and has a waitlist.

However, if you do get access to it, it is an extremely cool device to test and use whether you are quadriplegic or not. There is no doubt it will be a game changer for those living with handicaps and the company features a video with many quadriplegics explaining with enthusiasm the product’s many benefits.

Sign up for the waitlist here.

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