How Much Weight can a Shopping Cart Hold?

While it may feel like you are lugging thousands of pounds of groceries, you might be surprised that a cart can support well over 1000lbs.
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First, he mesmerized us with a slew of crushed objects. Now, a subsidiary of the Hydraulic Press Channel explores how much a shopping cart can hold before failing.

The first grocery carts were invented around the 1930's by inventor Sylvan N. Goldman. With a vision to increase the among of shopping one could carry before struggling with their bags and baskets, he decided a cart would be the solution.

"[Shoppers] had a tendency to stop shopping when the baskets became too full or too heavy,''

he said.

However, no one could have predicted his invention would live a long life of grocery catering until someone decided to load more than 1oo0 lbs into it.

The Awesomer, a sub-channel of the hydraulic press channel decided to put the carts to the test. After adding copious amounts of random pieces of heavy steel, the cart was able to maintain structural integrity until it was just over 1000 lbs. However, the metal succumbed to the weight once the additional 400 lbs were added.

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While it may feel like your cart is weighing you down with hundreds of pounds, now you can rest assured that fortunately, unless you manage to fit 1400 lbs in your cart, you can feel free to shop away.

Source: Beyond The Press/Youtube
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