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U.S. based company, Darkside Scientific, have developed a new interesting way to paint with light. Their patended and trademarked LumiLor is a technology that lets you add a glow in the dark effect to complex surfaces that lights up when a current is applied. This means there is no fade and it can be controlled to flash, strobe or produce patterns.

lumilor[Image Source: Darkside Scientific]

The Ohio based company has developed the electroluminescent coating over the past few years but unfortunately you can't just buy it off the shelf as applying the paint requires some training in order to produce quality results. The colours are currently limitted to white and a luminescent blue-green but they've already been put to impressive uses.

Just check out the finish on this Tesla, which is normally a head-turner in its own right:

The tech is a complicated multi-layer coating that includes a conductive base, two-wire connections to electrical power, an insulating primer coat and the final lighting top coat - hence the lack of on the shelf products.

lumilor-el-paint-3[Image Source: Darkside Scientific]

What began as a way of customising motorbikes could now see a lot more uses than originally expected. The company are now looking into everything from household applicances, car accessories and building materials.

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We have broken new ground, and it would be very dangerous for us as a company to compromise our (intellectual property) in any transaction,” said Darkside Scientific's CEO Shawn Mastrian.

We have told everyone we deal with that we will walk away from any deal that includes sharing our IP. That's where our value is.”

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