Nano-Coatings for Home and Industrial Use

Hydrophobic and durable, nano-coating is one of the greatest life hacks of the 21st century.
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Created: 10/15/2019

Autumn brings more and more rain, and you might start looking for ways to protect your clothes, footwear, outdoor furniture, or even a car. However, increased humidity isn't the only peril. Dirt, road salt, and chemical pollution also affect your belongings. These factors can damage vehicles, buildings, and construction, so, it's vital to take precautions accordingly. 

No need to isolate yourself at home, because nanotechnology makes it easy to protect clothes, furniture, vehicles, buildings, and even airplanes and aerospace vehicles from numerous environmental factors.

Nasiol is one of the examples of how innovative nanotechnology can be used to protect surfaces from fluids, thermal changes, chemicals, and dirt. Nasiol specializes in nano-coatings built for a variety of sectors, including, automotive, construction, marine, and textile.

Nasiol Nano-Coatings

Nanotechnology is not new, and you might've heard about it before. However, not many know its benefits and general usage. Nanocoatings make our lives easier and practical with their chemical and physical properties. 

Nano-Coatings for Home and Industrial Use
Source: Nasiol 

Nasiol coatings are developed to make nanotechnology applicable to a broader range of products, materials, and surfaces. Nano-coatings are invisible, breathable, and they are resistant to wrinkling, scratching, staining, and having hydrophobic properties. They also can protect surfaces from harmful UV and thermal damage. 

Rain, direct sunlight, and other natural causes increase the risks of biological degeneration caused by fungi, algae, mold, and insects. Thereby reliable protection is essential to maintain outdoor furniture, clothes, vehicles, and construction parts unaffected.

Unique features allow Nasiol nano-coatings to be used on various surfaces, from clothing to aviation. And as a result, prolong their utilization period. 

Use Cases of Nasiol Nano-Coatings

The main benefit of nanotechnology is its versatile nature. The technology can be applied to different industries and consumer needs. Nasiol uses its nano-coatings for six main fields: textile, aerospace, vehicles, construction, marine, and furniture.

You can see how liquid, dirt, and graffiti strip away from vehicles, furniture, and from exterior and interior walls:


Nasiol nano-coatings have a porous structure and high surface-to-volume ratio, which makes them invisible, but at the same time highly effective. Coatings protect daily apparel and can be used for more severe cases like military clothing. 

When you apply nano-coatings to textile items, like clothing or furniture, the surface will be protected against contamination and staining while extending the life of the product where it’s applied.

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Airplanes and aerospace vehicles go through harsh atmosphere changes and are more sensitive to damages. Nasiol protects aerospace machinery from icing, thermal changes, small scratches, and water damage.


We all know that rust is the fiercest enemy of any car. Driving a car, especially on the mountain and muddy roads can be dangerous - even a small splash can cause you to lose focus and control of the vehicle. 


Nasiol coatings protect windshields, side, and back windows from any contamination. Water and dirt immediately wash off and leave windows clean. Ceramic coatings are able to withstand the harshest conditions, protecting the body against scratches while keeping it water repellent for a minimum of 3 years.


Exterior building maintenance can be challenging. Soil, rain, dirt, chemicals, and exhaust can cause malfunctioning and occurring damages. It's also important to keep a building appealing, but it's impossible if it's covered in messy graffiti.

Nanotechnology does not only protect surfaces but also helps to clean them easily. You can wash the surface of a structure with a simple broom and water.

Nano-Coatings for Home and Industrial Use
Source: Nasiol 


During the off and on the season, the watercraft are exposed to harmful situations while at dock or during cruising on the water. Nasiol coatings ensure anti-fouling and corrosion resistance protection from saltwater and microorganisms.   


Washing a stained blouse is one thing, but getting that wine stain out of a couch can be impossible. So, if you want to avoid similar incidents, Nasiol nano-coatings are a practical way to fight the mess at home. You just need to spray it on your furniture, and then even the worst stains won't stick to it.

Nasiol Nano-Coating Testings

Nasiol is a leading nano-coating company in Europe and Turkey. They run testings frequently to ensure the highest product quality and safety to humans and the environment.

Recently, German food safety and regulation organization LFGB(Lebensmittel Bedarfsgegenstände und Futtermittelgesetzbuch) tested one of their most popular products, Nasiol ZR53.

The findings showed that Nasiol ZR53 poses no danger or harm to humans after coating a ceramic food surface. It means that Nasiol ZR53 can be safely used to protect plates, bowls, and other ceramic surfaces. However, you should always carefully read the instructions and apply coatings as directed.

Nano-Coatings for Home and Industrial Use
Source: Nasiol 

More about Nasiol

Nasiol is a pioneer nano-coating materials manufacturer in Europe and Turkey. Nasiol is the registered trademark of Artekya Technology Ltd. Co. Artekya has been studying nanotechnology since 2005. Since then, they have been a part of many governmental and private projects in developing sustainable nanotechnology solutions. 

Their "Smart Silis Tech" empowers environmental friendly solutions for raw materials and mass consumption. As this technology provides easy cleaning, hydrophobicity, and protection on all kinds of surfaces, it helps to maintain materials unaffected. The company continues working and developing nanotechnology for home and industrial use.

Whether you want to prepare your clothes and footwear for upcoming seasonal changes, or need more reliable protection for your car, building maintenance, and furniture, nano-coatings can help you get impeccable results. 

If you want to learn more about Nasiol and its products, you can visit their WebsiteFacebook pageInstagram, and YouTube channel.