Nanoarcade puts retro arcade gaming in the palm of the hand

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There is something about the old retro arcade gaming machines that gamers love. However, buying one for the home is expensive and of course you cannot carry it around with you when you go out and about. Nanoarcade could change this as it has the styling of the classic arcade machines but just 1/10th of their size, so it puts retro gaming in the palm of the hand.


[Image Source: NanoArcade]

There has been other mini arcade machine games come out but the Nanoarcade stands out as it doesn’t need a tablet or a smartphone to play on. It is a standalone mini version of the arcade games machines. The Nanoarcade is able to run any game based on J2ME, which are Java based games. While they may not offer the most advanced graphics in the world they don’t have to as after all, the Nanoarcade is for those who like retro gaming.


[Image Source: NanoArcade]

Each of the devices will be offered with a few games and there is a microUSB port built into the device so that gamers can copy games of their choice onto the device. As you might expect, the Nanoarcade has the typical joystick along with six buttons, allowing gamers to play their classic favourites. To add on the authentic arcade game machine look there is even a slot for coins.


[Image Source: NanoArcade]

The creator of the Nanoarcade is Eric Lin and he has put the tiny gaming machine on Kickstarter with a goal of US$30,000 and it is one of the Kickstarter staff favourites. If you want to get your hands on a hand held arcade games machine that sits in the palm of your hand you can make a minimum pledge of $39 for an early special. The price will then be going up to $49 and if all goes to plan, backers will get their arcade machine in April this year.


[Image Source: NanoArcade]


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