The Navier N30 is America’s first 100% electric hydrofoil boat with an autodocking feature

Boaters of all experience levels will now have the ability to dock with a single click cutting-edge autonomous technology.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Navier 30
Navier N30


The makers of America’s first 100% electric hydrofoil boat Navier have announced a new autodocking feature which marks an industry-first for electric hydrofoil boats, according to a press release from the company acquired by IE

A feature a decade in the making

“For nearly a decade now, transportation companies have been working to build fully autonomous autodocking systems. With many achieving assisted docking but with limited adoption, and as a retrofitted feature, Navier has become the first to make autodocking a reality,” noted the statement. 

Navier’s initial offering, the N30, will now allow boaters of all experience levels the ability to dock with single click cutting-edge autonomous technology. This crucial advancement in the industry was developed by a renowned team including naval architect of America's Cup Oracle boat Paul Bieker. The innovation draws from experience at Uber ATG, Google X and NASA,and sees the N30 operate more like a luxury plane.  

“Autodocking was the most requested feature by our existing customer base,” said CEO and founder Sampriti Bhattacharyya, a former space engineer and MIT Phd. 

The Navier N30 is America’s first 100% electric hydrofoil boat with an autodocking feature
The Navier N30 docked.

“Being the first in the industry to deliver this is a huge milestone for the company and the future of the boating experience. We’re rethinking design from the ground up - with software at the core - enabling us to deliver a product that is highly differentiated on customer experience and performance. Our goal is to bring the joy of sustainable boating to anyone, even those who love water but are overwhelmed at the thought of handling a boat.” 

The N30 is the first commercially available electric hydrofoiling boat built in America and the longest-range electric boat in the world at 30 ft in size. It is ten times more efficient than traditional gas boats and uses electric hydrofoil technology. 

Most recently, at the America's Cup, it demonstrated its superiority by carrying 10 people to complete the longest-range trip of any electric boat in its class. 

How does autodocking work?

The N30 auto-docking system uses advanced computer vision and additional sensors to estimate the location of the boat with respect to the selected slip. These features also allow it to compensate for external perturbations such as wind while also avoiding obstacles.  

It also boasts independently steerable twin motors that can perform some docking maneuvers, such as pure translational and turning movements that other single and fixed rear engine hydrofoil boats just cannot do. Once in the final docking position, the auto docking system actively keeps the boat in a fixed position to allow the boat to be secured to the dock.  

Navier has already raised over 10 million in seed funding and plans to initially launch in the recreational vessel market. It also has an ambitious mission to unlock waterways, moving into water taxis and beyond and aiming to decrease emissions.  

The autodocking feature will be available for beta users in the 2023 edition. While the 2023 edition has already sold out, customers can reserve the 2024 edition of N30 for a refundable deposit of $1000.

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