A NEOM subsidiary partners up with 2 tech giants to accelerate AI technology

The association will implement Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and NVIDIA's computing products.
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Aiming to boost the delivery of its Artificial Intelligence capabilities, TONOMUS, a subsidiary of NEOM, has tied up with Oracle and NVIDIA. NEOM is a $500 billion planned smart city in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The collaboration is expected to give a fillip to the delivery of "groundbreaking AI capabilities across NEOM and Saudi Arabia," said a news release.

With the association, the firm plans to make the city a hub of AI, enabling it to offer customers access to NVIDIA's AI software, which can be used at the planned Oracle Cloud Region located at NEOM. The cloud center will be hosted by ZeroPoint DC hyperscale data center and via Tonomus’ digital cloud platform. TONOMUS and Oracle have established a partnership since the company was named the first tenant at ZeroPoint DC in October 2021.

"TONOMUS will benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI) unmatched capability of supporting modern cloud-native applications in a secure environment. This, coupled with our existing partnership with NVIDIA, will speed AI adoption for enterprises," said Richard Smith, Executive Vice President, Cloud & Technology, EMEA of Oracle. 

A single interface for various AI solutions 

The firm proposes a user-friendly cloud management platform that integrates cloud sales and management. The platform allows "users to search for and compare a wide range of options, capabilities, and costs in real-time, and then purchase and manage solutions."

According to the company, the facilities offered will also include cost monitoring, resource optimization, and visibility. It also centralizes customer management of multiple cloud assets and costs. NVIDIA’s accelerated computing stack promises to offer NEOM-based enterprises a "broad, easily accessible portfolio of options for AI training and deep learning inference at scale." 

The firms based in NEOM will be equipped with essential processing engines for each step of the AI workflow, from data processing and AI model training to simulation and large-scale deployment. "This monumental collaboration will empower NEOM with a geographical advantage and place Saudi Arabia firmly on the map as a regional hub for the provision of AI capabilities," said Joseph Bradley, CEO of TONOMUS.

Advanced technology on offer to help critical sectors

The most advanced accelerator ever produced - NVIDIA H100 and NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU will be on offer, which promises a leap for accelerated computing. "Its combined innovations can speed up large language models by an incredible 30 times over the previous generation to deliver industry-leading conversational AI."

The technology is expected to benefit healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and financial service sectors by reducing IT infrastructure costs, automating operations, and obtaining insights faster than ever.

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