The Nesin Mathematics Village: a Dream to Think, Learn and Enjoy Math

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Imagine a fascinating complex in the middle of nature, completely designed to 'live' science and art. That would be Nesin Mathematics Village.

The Nesin Mathematics Village is a small village built on the Aegean side of Turkey, completely designed to experience mathematics and art, collaborate and enjoy for anyone who is into.

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As an enormous project of the Nesin Foundation, which takes its name from a well-known and respectful writer Aziz Nesin, the Nesin Mathematics Village has created by Professor Ali Nesin in 2007. The village is not just a mathematics school and since it has built, the village has become a kind of symbol of mathematics scene of Turkey, which is focused on collaboration, respect, and understanding the dynamics of life as well.

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Apart from its significance for plain scientific fields, the Nesin Mathematics Village is offering an awesome experience to anyone who is into mathematics from all age, in the middle of nature, surrounded by olive trees, fresh air, and an astonishing architecture as well.

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Thinking in mathematics

The Nesin Mathematics Village is completely designed to stay focus on the beauty of mathematics, without any factors that could prevent concentration. There are no TVs, no distribution but a big respect to each other, nature, collaboration and learning the excellence of communal living way as well. Surely the facility is offering the traces of 'modern life' such as Wi-Fi, warm water or electricity besides of its huge library that includes important academic studies and a chance to work with significant scientists.

Most Popular

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Mathematical summers

Even the most activities are holding in the summer season in the Nesin Mathematics Village, the spring and autumn are also great times to join workshops as well. Plus, there is no age limit to join, the village is accepting anyone from any levels; from primary school to Ph.D. students, even elders!

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There is nothing to fear as like exams, failing classes, marks or punishments. The village is the place that only cares about to learn and practice the 'real mathematics' and 'mathematical thinking'. Furthermore, they believe that 'everyone’s mathematical intelligence is more or less equal'. Heavenly right?

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"We all know that mathematics as a school subject is usually a high school student’s worst nightmare; many students struggle with it and are unsuccessful. However, mathematical thinking, abstraction, deduction, foresight, modeling, and planning are essential abilities in the modern world. It may be the case that mathematics is indeed more difficult than the other subjects. This does not mean that it should be disliked: one should deal with the hardship."

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Why the Nesin Mathematics Village?

As like giving an opportunity to listen to lectures by outstanding academics from all around the world, the village is breaking the invisible borders between nationalities, cultures, beliefs and colors and melting in the same pot called science. And furthermore, giving a great chance to enjoy a Summer by creating a priceless network, friendships in a great location of Turkey, just a kilometer away from Şirince / Seljuk / İzmir.

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As yet village has the capacity to lodge 150 people in, you can still pitch your tent in the heavenly gardens and enjoy to be a part of nature as well.

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The Nesin Mathematics Village has recently announced the research school called:

Artin L-functions, Artin’s Primitive Roots Conjecture and Applications 29th May - 9th June 2017 
Representation Theory of finite groups, Chebotarev Density Theorem, Distribution of primes, L-functions and ζ-functions, Elliptic curve analogue, L-functions associated to motives, Hooley's Theorem and quasi-resolution.
apply here

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Stay tuned to learn 2017 Summer Schools.

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