A Bunch of Never-Before-Seen Images of Tesla's Cybertruck Just Leaked

Get ready for some fresh Cybertruck content.
Brad Bergan
An unseen UI schematic of Tesla's Cybertruck.MGA Inc.

Tesla's Head of User Interface Design Pawel Pietryka departed from the company, and leaked a lot of never-before-seen photos of Cybertruck designs, along with Full Self-Driving software, according to a portfolio on Pietryka's new company website.

Tesla's user interface design is central for the company

Pietryka was previously art director at Apple before jumping into Tesla in 2016, where his role quickly rose to become the company's head of user interface design — a crucial role for a firm that centers the in-car experience around larger-than-life touchscreens with cutting-edge user interfaces. Pietryka's LinkedIn profile says he left Tesla in March to launch his own proprietary design company — called Moderne Grafik Anstalt (MGA).

Pietryka has already been replaced in his role as head of Tesla's UI design by former Facebook employee Ben Cunningham. Most of the fresh images Pietryka shared involved already-seen designs of Tesla vehicles and additional products (like the mobile app) — but hidden between the frames of the old were new images of UI designs that outsiders have never seen before. For example, one short video displayed the Tesla Cybertruck's user interface.

Tesla Cybertruck UI Demo
A capture from a new video demo of the Tesla Cybertruck's UI. Source: MGA Inc.

The Cybertruck isn't expected to go to market until later this year, or even some time in 2022. The all-electric pickup truck was initially revealed in 2019, and while it also debuted a basic user interface, it didn't include a full video demonstration — like the one on Pietryka's new firm's website.

Pietryka's MGA website also included a short video demonstrating the driving visualization of a Tesla via Full Self-Driving.

Tesla Full Self-Driving UI
New clips of Tesla's Full Self-Driving UI also leaked. Source: MGA Inc.

The all-electric auto manufacturer's Full Self-Driving Beta program has seen Tesla update its driving visualization capable of rendering the surrounding environment, but with a lot of new extensive information as part of an incomplete design that wasn't initially expected in the full version. Tesla aims to release a complete version of its Full Self-Driving Beta software for its growing fleet of vehicles sometime this quarter — and this should include the new driving visualization more in line with the fresh images with which Pietryka has graced the world.

However, the images were almost immediately pulled down from Moderne Grafik Anstalt's website. But luckily, the images were gathered and shared online before they were pulled away from our prying hands.

There's a lot to say about the Cybertruck, as Tesla's first and still forthcoming all-electric pickup truck. Among other design features, the vehicle will power tiny off-grid houses and campers — arguably essential as power outages from inclement weather become more frequent in the coming decades. It may even take an amphibious turn, according to an Elon Musk tweet that hinted at the sci-fi potential of the forthcoming vehicle. All to say that this vehicle may be taking a while to finally hit the market, but Tesla enthusiasts are crossing their fingers for a one-of-a-kind vehicle.